Project: Side Chairs Makeover

Here I am again, sharing a little makeover project I did to my five-year old chairs.. I wasn’t a fan of the old fabric on it but really liked the style of the chairs so I thought, lets do a makeover! Here are the ‘Before’ pictures of what my chairs looked like.. and how the wooden legs were all worn out with scratches…

before (Large)

IMG_6555 (Large)

I really love the script fabric that’s all over the place these days (Except Doha!!!). I searched and searched and searched… and finally gave up. I then asked my sister back home, to look for the fabric there in Karachi and it was everywhere (Like I said ..everywhere except Doha!!!). So we made a shopping plan.. (Confused? as she is in Karachi and I am here..) Well, we still shop together on Face time sometimes 😀 . She’s a sweet heart and you know what? She’s my Sister In Law! (Unbelievable right ??? – what can I say, I am very lucky. Now you know why I referred to her as my sister… She is like a little sister from another mother.) I should also mention her poor husband who drove her to the fabric shop  and sat through our ‘insane high tech shopping’! So back to the chairs.. we finally agreed on this fabric.. IMG_5851 (Large)

Once I got the fabric to Doha, I got this amazing upholstery guy (if you haven’t lived in Doha.. let me tell you that there is a ‘handy guy’ for everything here… and our phone contact list have them, saved by their profession before their names :S) recommended by a friend  to change the fabric for me. He did an amazing job! (I can send you his contact if you wish to use his services). Now the only issue I had with my newly upholstered chairs were the scratches and marks on the wooden frame..

I plan ahead (my husband is literally sick of my planning and when I get stuck in the ‘Analysis Paralysis’) –  BUT Hey!!! I am a Project Manager!! That’s what I am trained to do!! (People who know me would agree I have an excel sheet for EVERYTHING!!! but when it works out ‘as planned’… my husband has no choice but to appreciate it!!). Anyways, so I basically found these at a home store in US during our holiday.. a very simple solution to my problem..  touch up markers for wood (Cost $4.99 – Awesome isn’t it? ). So when all the kids were sleeping, I took out the matching colored marker and started coloring (DISCLAIMER: Not responsible if your kids learn that its okay to color the furniture with markers like Mama!)

OIMG_6573 (Large)       IMG_6569

And here are the ‘After’ pictures. I am totally LOVING them!

Tell me what you think? 🙂

After (Large)

DSC_0172 (Large)

DSC_0165 (Large)DSC_0164 (Large)


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