The Qatari Incredibles

IncrediblefamilyI have been getting a lot of queries about as to what’s the story behind the reference I used to the Disney’s animated movie “The Incredibles”. So here is the short version (my type of short that is- not so short 😉 ) of how we became “The Incredibles”. (If you haven’t read my story , read here before you read further).

So, it all started when we came to know that we are expecting a third baby. My husband makes the phone call to my mum to tell her the “good news” (I didn’t know how she would react so I let him make that phone call and I am glad I did!). My mum was surprised but was very courteous to my husband and congratulated him but then he handed the phone to me .. As soon as she heard my voice.. she told me “Are you out of your mind! Dash is just 3 months old!! How will you manage???”. She was panicking more than I was.. and rightly so..  but that’s not why we are the Incredibles. Read on…

To add to all the stress and pressure I was feeling already, Violet came up with an idea that she wants a baby girl this time. We told her , “Yeah , you should pray to God that He gives you a baby sister”.  So she did! Day and Night! Every night before sleeping, she would religiously pray for a baby sister. The thought that ‘what if its not a baby girl?’, started to make me nervous…. and I started preparing Violet that it can be a boy too.. but she would always reply  ‘NO Mama, I KNOW its a baby girl!!!! ” .. I tried to comfort myself.. “God always  listen to children’s prayers, He would give Violet a sister..”

And then the day of the scan came, when we would know the baby’s gender. I was NEVER EVER this nervous to find the gender of the baby. It never mattered to both of us but this time it was different, it mattered a lot to Violet. So as soon as the doctor started the scan, she announced merrily “Its a boy!”. We looked at each other and there was complete SILENCE… pin drop silence in the room till the end of scan.. Just one question in our heads , “How will we tell this to Violet???”.

On our way back, we kept thinking and debating about how do we tell this news to Violet, she would be so heartbroken.. Then my husband came up with the “Brilliant Idea”(indeed!!!). You know how kids just fall in love with one movie and watch that movie till everyone in the house remembers the dialogues and each scene. Those days it was the “The Incredibles” for us . Violet was obsessed with it and that turned out to be very lucky for us. So when we reached home, my husband put the movie on TV to watch with her and then went like “You know what Violet, I was just thinking that if we have a baby boy, we could be the Incredibles family…” . There was a pause in the atmosphere, everything paused including my heart to see her reaction.. She took a few seconds and then went like “Ummm.. Hmmm….. Oh Yeah!!!! That would be AWESOME!!!!” And that’s how we became “The Incredibles” (Qatari – not Qatari Qatari, just Qatar based 🙂 )


Kids are so simple.. Aren’t they?  And yes my ‘Mr Incredible’ is indeed an Incredible father! 🙂

Happy Weekend!


10 thoughts on “The Qatari Incredibles

  1. haha phew!
    mr incredible saved the day!
    I laughed so hard at your mom being courteous to your husband and then instantly blasting you at your *ahem* good news 😀 and a salute, you’re truly Mrs incredible for how you survived a pregnancy and then baby years back to back with such tiny ones!


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  4. Aww, that’s so sweet of your hubby MashAllah. We had three boys after Maryam. She was completely convinced that our third boy was a girl (she even had us convinced) and we also had pin drop silence when we heard “it’s a boy!” My husband just put his head in his hands and said “oh, ok.” Alhamdulilah she’s adjusted quite well to a house full of brothers 🙂

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