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Browsing home décor ideas is one of my favorite things to do to relax… So while doing that, I stumbled on these gorgeous vintage eye charts and I instantly knew I MUST have one.. (WHY? -I’ll tell you that in a bit).

Image Credit – Restoration Hardware

My dad was an Ophthalmologist. He was a philanthropist at heart and worked for several years in Henderson Eye Hospital (Red Cross) in rural Sindh, setting up free Eye camps there. He worked in different hospitals in Karachi , while running his private practice in the evenings. He often said that:

“Medicine should not be a profession and Healthcare should be a basic human right.”

He firmly believed this and implemented it in his private practice. When he built our home, he built a clinic in it as well where he spent every evening treating patients and most of his patients were free (because of the close proximity to a colony inhabited by very poor people). He very recently told us, how he used to decide whether to charge fees or not, from a patient . He said:

“I used to check their shoes and assess if they can pay the (very nominal) fee or not.”

He battled cancer for 3 years and passed away peacefully in September 2014. His last wish was to donate his eyes to someone in need. (Unfortunately, because of the widespread infection, his cornea were not considered eligible for donation). All he earned in his life was a lot of goodwill and prayers. I am so proud to be his daughter!

After he passed away..my mum showed us (siblings) the diary he was writing..where he wrote about the importance of ‘Giving’. The essence of everything he had written was..

“Life is all about giving…. giving without expecting anything in return…”

I had grown up seeing eye charts in his clinics, so when I saw these eye charts used in home decor, I decided that I had to have one..but I did not want any random eye chart.. It had to be associated with Abbu (my dad).  That’s when I came up with this idea. I wanted it to say .. what he believed in and practiced through out his life …

“Life is all about giving – Dr Hasan Rizvi”

I looked up for eye chart generators and found this amazing Free Eye Chart Generator by Homemade Gifts Made Easy. And it certainly made it very easy to generate the eye chart with the text of my choice.Collage1Next,  I printed that and framed it in an Ikea RIBBA frame. And it’s up on the wall! Collage3

I absolutely LOVE it! Its soo Abbu.. It symbolizes EVERYTHING he was all about!  It’s like having him in my living room with me 🙂 Plus its something I want my children to learn from him. It certainly is my favorite piece of décor in my home..

Do you like it?



17 thoughts on “Home Decor -That’s All About Abbu…

  1. oh Bano it is so lovely so heartfelt, and what a wonderful way to have such a warm reminder of your Abbu around 🙂
    May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah aameen.


  2. Sadaf

    It’s absolutely beautiful!! I can so relate to ur thoughts as I also lost my beloved father last year. He was a gentleman like ur Abbu. Always believe in giving. I miss him a lot;(


  3. Zainab

    Love it! He must be one proud Abbu to have a sweet child like YOU 🙂
    While life is all about giving, it’s also about sharing.. Thank you for sharing doting memories!


  4. Sarah Asad

    This touched my heart……I can so relate to it as my Abbu also left us two years back. I miss him everyday…..This is a wonderful tribute you gave to your father….
    By the way I just came across your blog yesterday aur kl raat 2 baje tk I was reading it!! Its really interesting and your writing style is so candid…..
    Best wishes from Karachi 😊😊


    1. Thank you so much! Such a sweet comment. Losing a family member is something you can only understand if u have gone through it… So much love to you! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


  5. Really loved this post! We can never repay our parents for the good values they instilled in us! The only thing we can do is to try our best to practice those values. Best wishes for you!


  6. Sania Imam

    Just a quick question, which paper did you use for printing this? I absolutely love the idea and planning to put up something similar for my son… 🙂


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  8. What a beautiful post. Made me teary eyed. Can’t imagine the pain you must have felt when you lost your father. May his soul rest in peace. This eye chart is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Lovely post!


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