Yet Another Year Older….


Dec 11 2016, I turned another year older.. Want to know how old?  Easy.. just count the number of roses 🙂 Yep, thats right.. My husband has made a tradition, where every birthday he gives me roses which are exactly equal to my age, in number. (Read my old post here, about the story behind these yearly roses..)dsc_0005

A couple of days before my birthday, I was feeling low and sad… so I decided to cheer myself up with some retail therapy. I splurged at Sephora and treated myself to some Huda beauty makeup, I had been eyeing for a long time.


Confession: Buying it didn’t me make AS happy as using them. Totally happy with my purchase!

My birthday gift to myself! 😀

My friends wanted to do something special for my birthday but I wasn’t really up for it.. It finally ended up being a lil breakfast plan… (which I cancelled almost twice!), but eventually we did meet up on my birthday…. And all of a sudden, there she was.. my bff Naveen!! She flew in the previous night to surprise me! (How cool is that! ) There were tears, followed by lots and lots of laughter! Such a wonderful surprise! Nothing could be better than that!dsc_0103

A wonderful chilly December morning spent with friends, who are like family in Doha.. and of course yummy food! Perfect right? (Wait…. It does get better..)dsc_0090My friends gave me a birthday present I could never have GUESSED! As I unwrapped the huge heavy box, I bursted out laughing! A sewing machine! (YES! You read that right!). dsc_0008

Though it seemed more like my Jahez (a wedding gift) and not a birthday gift (and we cracked some crazy insane jokes around it..), it is such a thoughtful present..specially for me. They had read my blogposts about how I make the costumes for my kids, stitching everything with hands…. (and complaining how my fingers hurt afterwards). Thats how they came up with this gift idea! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! (Thank you so much gals! xx)

Another friend gave me this personalized mug (and I am a such huge fan of personalized gifts).  I am having my tea in this now! I simply ADORE it! It reads

“I BLOG – What’s your super power?”


The morning spent with friend and dinner with my family and lots and lots of love and wishes from family, friends and readers from across the globe.dsc_0004

Thank you everyone! xx




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