New Home: Living Room Reveal

LivingRoomRevealThis is a picture heavy post as I have loads of pictures to show you guys and really not much to say! (my husband would burst out laughing at this!). Anyways, so you all probably know that we moved to a new house (read my moving tips here) and painted a couple of walls in dark color (read here if you missed that post).

As a family (like most others), we spend most of our time hanging out in the Living Room. Every evening I have my tea here while my daughter practices her piano. (it has become kind of an evening ritual for me and its very relaxing!)

Anyways back to the reveal…below is the picture of the Living area and Dining Room in our old apartment.

Living Room in the old apartment

In the new house, we have two living areas and therefore I plan to make one of them, a Family room and the other, a formal Sitting room (which is work in progress – since I only had furniture for one living area).

So let’s do a Before and After of the Living room in the new house? Shall we?


Wait for it..


This was my first ever attempt to paint dark colors on the wall,  and I have fallen in love with that GREEN wall!  And just imagine what difference an accent wall has made, considering all this furniture is from our old apartment. There is nothing new here, except for the two wooden hand painted pieces of landmarks of Pakistan, Minar-e-Pakistan and Quiad-e-Azam’s Mazar.DSCF2660

DSCF2674These AWESOME pieces are by Saad Pirzada Design Studios, where I got my Fifty Paisa Coin table from (You can read all about it here). I have been drooling over this collection, since he launched them in 2016 but I had no space for them in my tiny apartment! So as soon as we moved, this was my first purchase for our new home! Its VERRYY special! And I LOVE them!DSCF2668And don’t they just pop out so much over the green wall! (Btw, that’s how I convinced my husband to let me paint the wall because he was totally against it).DSCF2692

IMG_B06767BC7616-1My husband( being the more patriotic one amongst us) is extremely happy as the white and green wall remind him of the Pakistani flag.

DSCF2678The picture gallery above the piano is also from our old apartment, with pictures of our kids and some special moments as a family, all in mono chrome.

Now, lets get a closer look and I’ll show you some special things on my bookshelf. The picture here is me sitting on my mum’s lap (I was probably 4-5 year old) with my sister and my younger cousin.DSCF2771Another very special picture of my maternal grandfather and grandmother. DSCF2793And my mum and dad, when they were very young 🙂 (And just so you know, there is a picture of my mother in law and my father in law as well, on another bookshelf which is in a room that is work in progress, LOL!)DSCF2802The little Music corner in our living room is a special place in our home, since my husband and my daughter are both very musically gifted …and the letter ‘R’ is for our surname (incase you were wondering.. lol)DSCF2777Now lets zoom out again and have another look at the room, before I sign off.IMG_56CAF5531F37-1And the final look at night..DSCF2705

And that’s all folks! Let me know what you guys think! I am ANXIOUSLY waiting! 🙂



24 thoughts on “New Home: Living Room Reveal

  1. sirenal1

    It is so beautiful!! I would have never thought that this green tone would result in such a beautiful effect in the room atmosphere! Great combinations, well done !


  2. Hina Raza

    Hi Bano! I love love your new living room and I am sure you have and will do a great job with the other rooms!
    May Allah bless your new home and your family always….love your blog and post. Much love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ashi

    Love it Bano! The green brings so much freshness and vibrance to the room… And love your 2 new art pieces. Well done and awaiting more pics of the rest of the house. X


  4. sabha

    Your living room is absolutely neat ! Just a suggestion ….I think you must change your rea rug to something which is printed and has a tint of green ….just to ie up the whole look together . 🙂


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