Qatar Through A Crystal Ball

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So here is the complete album of the project Qatar Through A Crystal Ball. I did a post with ALL the details and behind the scenes of this project. (You can read here in case you missed it)

 Najla Nabil Photography,  The PMP Mom and Retro Salz Studio 

So without any further delay, here is our tribute to Qatar on Qatar National Sports Day!

Enjoy the pictures!

Al-Hazm MallTamim Al MajdDSCF8550DSCF8593


Baladna FarmsDSCF9193DSCF9201

CornicheBiddaParkCorniche 1Corniche 2DSCF9264


Hammad International AirportDSCF8413.jpg

Inland SeaDSCF8326DSCF8319Inland SeaIMG_0326

KataraDSCF8496DSCF8499DSCF8511DSCF8515DSCF8518DSCF8524DSCF8531DSCF8532DSCF8539KataraDSCF8632Photo 24-12-2017, 18 35 13

Mall Of QatarDSCF8613

Museum of Islamic ArtDSCF8047DSCF8070

Qatar FoundationIMG_8633IMG_8645IMG_8672IMG_8689IMG_8708IMG_8716IMG_8739QF 2

Qatar National LibraryIMG_8743IMG_8767IMG_8802IMG_8806IMG_8833

The Pearl QatarPearlDSCF8637DSCF8639DSCF8641DSCF8650DSCF8656DSCF8666DSCF8685DSCF8693DSCF8696DSCF8706


The State Mosque Of Qatar


West Bay /Lusail


VillagioPhoto 26-12-2017, 17 08 57DSCF8729DSCF8742

Which one is your favourite? Would love to know.


12 thoughts on “Qatar Through A Crystal Ball

  1. What an imaginative way to photograph a country! The main thing I got out of it, is there’s a lot of pictures of the ruler of the Qatar! I don’t think many organisations I’ve been to have a picture of the Queen here in the UK!

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  2. Ana Jamil

    All the pictures are different 😍. Very well captured 😍😍 i cannot even select one as my favorite because its really difficult to make a decision. So for me all of them are my favorite. Good job Saleha, Najla and shehar bano 👍👍👍

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