“You are NOT alone, I am with you” – My untold story published in Gulf Times today.

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A truth I have hardly shared with people except from close friends, family and anyone who I know is struggling with it. And today, I tell it to the world. ThePMPmomDepression

You can read it on Page 4-5 of Gulf Times Community Page HERE


you can read on their website here


If you are in Qatar, grab a hardcopy of the newspaper  🙂






11 thoughts on ““You are NOT alone, I am with you” – My untold story published in Gulf Times today.

  1. Very well written! If we can get help for other diseases why are we so afraid to ask for help for mental illness/depression/anxiety! I think because people put a lot of pressure on you and the person suffering from it ends up feeling like it’s his own fault. And that’s terrible. Also when you meet people and they ask you how you are doing, you are always expected to say I’m doing good. Chahay apke ander toofan aya hua ho! True feelings, specially when they are related to sadness, are not appreciated and most often you end up being judged or labelled as an unthankful person. So when I read posts like this one, I feel really happy to know that things are gradually changing and people are now taking the first step towards solving any problem: Accepting the problem. Thanks for speaking your heart out! May God bless you ❤

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  2. Salma Hussain

    Good read. Went through similar episode with no understanding of nearby people. Their poking comments made me stop communication. There was no option other than gathering myself my scattered pieces and starting anew.

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  3. Mehvish

    Thanks for sharing this Bano and helping so many people! The conversation around mental health issues needs to normalize especially in our community. Posting about your personal experiences takes a lot of courage, so kudos to you and your strength!

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