Monogram Family Burlap Frame

Hey everyone! I am back.. (no I didn't go any where.. ). My bestie was in town for the weekend and we had a lovely time together.. hosted a brunch at my place, lots of eating out, shopping trips etc etc...  hence the quietness on the blog.. So here is one DIY project I loved doing..  Its …

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Rainy Days – Love or Loathe?

First of all I am really sorry for overloading you guys with posts (my husband says that I do .. ) , but I HAD to write one today.. The weather in Doha pushed me to! 🙂 I woke up to this view (yes ,that's what I see from my room 🙂 ). Something that we all wait for, …

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Recipe Of The Week – Banana Bread

How many times has this happened to you? -  You bought bananas in your weekly groceries and they just sat in the fruit basket on the kitchen counter for over a week and eventually had to be thrown away.. The whole week when they were fresh, your kids would not want them and after a week they go "Ewwwwww they are so icckkyyy, so …

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