DIY Project: Monica’s Peep Hole Frame

We all loved the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, didn't we..? I loved it too! If you loved it (as you just said) let me ask you something... "Do you remember the peephole door frame Monica had in her apartment?" . If you are a guy you 'might have' (as men never notice things like that) and if you are a girl you 'must have' (because …

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Parenting, Managing and More..

The news of the massive earthquake in the Northern Pakistan region left thousands homeless and hundreds dead. In a country like Pakistan where the common man is  already struggling for their day to day needs, such a devastation is catastrophic. May God help the families of the departed souls to recover from such a tragic loss. …

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A book that has touched my heart and soul..

Hello again.. You know that I am going to talk about a book in this post (spot on!!) but there is more to it.. Let me tell you something about myself and my interest in Sufism (which was 0 , on a scale to from 1- 10) 'before' I read the book . My husband and my brother (who by …

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