The Ultimate Packing List For Travel

Being an expat comes with a lot of travel. Every Spring, Summer or Winter break (basically any break that is more than a week), we either travel to spend time with family in Pakistan or in US or go exploring the places we have never been before. Travel is always on the cards for us … Continue reading The Ultimate Packing List For Travel


OCD Series: Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry Organization

The Kitchen is another monster when it comes to organizing and the even BIGGER challenge -  keeping it organized. Since I spend most of my mornings in the kitchen and CANNOT deal with messy cabinets, I spent some extra effort to tackle this monster. To keep my spices, dry food and sauces organized, easily accessible and … Continue reading OCD Series: Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry Organization

OCD Series: Sunglasses Organization

I see hundreds of awesome home organizing ideas on Pinterest, which look great but aren't very practical for a family with 3 kids, living in an apartment....(Well yeah, as much as I would love to have a dedicated arts and craft room with everything neatly organized and on display...that can't happen living in an apartment with 3 kids!). In … Continue reading OCD Series: Sunglasses Organization