Honey, I Shrunk My Self! – First Episode

FirstEpisodeI recently joined a local photographers group (which has some great photographers and some wanna be photographers, like me). There was a recent competition on that group and the challenge was to take photos from a Low Point Of View .. Low Point Of View is about taking pictures from a low angle.. looking up at the world.. easier understood as an earth worm’s view of the world..

I had never really shot from that angle before…. and trying to take pictures from that angle,  reminded me of the Disney movie “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”(I loved that movie as a kid..) and that’s when I thought of doing a funny series, where I was shooting from a low angle .. as if I have shrunken (lol).movieposter

This series is based on seven scenes and you will get to see each everyday for the next seven days.. 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it, as much as I had fun shooting this.

P.S. If you are wondering who Mr. Incredible is… he is my husband.. why I call him that.. find out here..

Disclaimer: This has no resemblance to any person dead or alive.. but would definitely become the dream of every living husband! 🙂

Scene 1:

Wife: “Honey, you know while you were at work, something happened…. I SHRUNK myself… look down here….yoohoooooo here… next to your shoe… and WHY is your shoe still here?? Put it away!!!!”DSC_0018

Stay tuned for what happens next…


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