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The best feeling in the world is to be appreciated for your work. Even when I was working at the bank, the recognition I got was always of much higher value to me than the pay cheque (that mattered a lot too, I wont lie! LOL!)

Quitting my career was the toughest decision I made in my life..not at the time of making it.. but actually living it! I felt I had lost my own identity and had become a wife and a mother.. associated and idenified with reference to these relations ONLY and that bothered me a lot! I have said this before as well, that I don’t have a problem in being associated with these relations (I love being in these roles), but had a problem with that becoming my ONLY identity. (More on this in my post here, which is very close to my heart.. so if you haven’t read that.. do read)

ExpatFocus, a website that provides helpful information to people living abroad featured my blog as one of their recommended blogs for Qatar and it felt great! But it didn’t end there…

This is what they said about my blog 🙂

Then they asked me for an interview, which is now published on their website. Reading my name there gives me a sense of achievement, a sense of pride ..(if I may say) in my own self  that I have become Shehar Bano Rizvi again!  And not only does it feel GREAT, I feel HONORED!

Screen shot of the published interview

Another milestone in my journey of rediscovering myself!

Thank you everyone for your love and support towards me and my blog specially my family xx

Read the full interview HERE and show some love! 🙂

the very humbled yet ecstatic….

Shehar Bano Rizvi xx

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2 thoughts on “My Interview On

  1. Kamran Qamar

    Awesome! Really great achievement. In fact, these are early days and insha’Allah you would be achieving much more and very soon 🙂 Happy for you.


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