5 Maths Day Costume Ideas


So, its the time of year again, when we the mums, have to put their thinking caps on to figure out what to dress their kids as, on themed days at school . This week is World Maths Day for us, and the kids have to go to school in a Maths themed costume on the day.

This was much easier and fun for me ,when there was only one costume to be made.. Now (mashaAllah), I have three of them in school and making three costumes is something I don’t look forward to as much. However, this time I plan to use some of the old costumes that I made over the years to dress the little ones as.. So the boys get the hand me downs from their elder sister.. while the Miss 4th grader, gets a new one made!

So here are few ideas for Maths Day Costumes, that I have created over the years .. Hope it helps!

1. Dice Costume:

The one Dice, I saved from last year..

Last year, I made a pair of Dice Costume for two my kids, for Maths day. I had actually made three (one for the youngest one who was not in school at that time, but would have thrown a tantrum on being left out),but only one of them was in a condition that I could save it for this year…You can check my detailed tutorial on how I made this dice. You can also make a Rubik’s Cube using the same technique.

2. Calculator:

Another one that is quite easy to do is a Calculator. I simply downloaded this FREE HD calculator image , printed it as a A3 size image (I actually printed it as 4, A4 sheets as a publisher file and put them together as one big A3 sized image – so no expensive printing cost!) and pasted on a cardboard. You can attached a ribbon around it and let it hang around the neck as a huge necklace! (LOL!)dsc_0002

3. Maths Wizard

This is a costume I made a couple for years ago, for my daughter. Since back then I did not blog, I do not have any documented tutorial for it but will try to explain what I did.. its pretty simple.

A lil worn out after 2 years, but still good to go!

I had some velvet fabric lying around the house(which was bought for a totally different purpose but did not match the rest of the outfit), so decided to stitch a cape with it (with pretty much the same way I made the Red Riding Hood Cape). Since I don’t have a sewing machine, this was stitched with hands and sewing the hem of the velvet cape with hands, DOES NOT bring very happy memories! (lol! Trust me, I got bruised finger tips after this one!).math-wizard

I made the wand and the cap with regular chart paper and covered it with the same velvet and silver ribbon. The cap had a an elastic band to keep it in place (like any old fashioned birthday cap) and some foam number stickers to decorate it with.

2 years later.. not in perfect shape but still gonna use it!

I also made a sign, with the FREE Maths Wizard clip art, and pasted it on the card board.

4.The Math T-Shirt

This year, my 4th grader didn’t want any fancy costumes and wanted something quirky and funky, so I looked up for Math T-shirts ideas and came across some very cool Math T-shirts online on Zazzle.com. So if you do have the time, you can order them online but since I didn’t, I got it made…

math-t-shirtYou can download any image you want, get it printed on a t-shirt from Virgin Megastores or the T-shirt factory kiosk (@Gulf Mall, Doha). Since my daughter is learning about angles these days, I designed my own image and got it printed on a t-shirt for her.


You can find lots of images online or can use the one I made. mathday-shirt

5. The Thinking Cap

Since for this year’s Maths Day, the kids will be looking at how we ‘think about thinking’ in Maths (that is Meta Maths.. ), I thought of finally making the Thinking Cap! And my daughter and I, both are pretty happy with how it turned out..dsc_0073

We transformed one of the many caps lying around the house to this Thinking Cap. You can check out the tutorial with step by step instructions.


Hope this post helps the moms looking for ideas!


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