The Photo Shoot With Najla Nabil Photography

NNP Cover

It all started with a competition posted by Najla Nabil Photography to caption a photo of two hearts, for a chance to win a Couple Photo shoot with her.When I saw the image, all that came to my mind was the song from SRK’s movie Raees, “Dil kee patang dekho uri uri jaye” (probably because I had just seen the movie twice in a week!) I entered the competition and to my own surprise, I won! (I have NEVER EVER won a giveaway!). 

The announcement that made me jump with joy!

Though I knew Najla (a little bit) socially and also because of an old reference from college days but we actually truly connected on a Photography Forum she runs (with a couple of other photographers in Doha) for Photography enthusiasts like me

Najla is not just any photographer, but one with a very keen and creative eye (and I always get attracted to creative minds). Not only does she ‘Captures life as it happens’ (as she says it) with her great photos but narrates the whole story with the most creative captions, that would make one feel like they are actually reliving that moment! What attracted me the most, from her diverse body of work are her Portraits. She is just Ah-mazing with them! And I was so glad to have won a chance to be her subject!

The Photographer’s Self Portrait in her very own signature style!

When I saw her Low-Key Self Portrait (the one above), I requested her if we can do a Low- Key Couple Photoshoot as we were looking for something more dramatic and she was on board in a heart beat!

Though I was looking forward to the shoot, I was nervous like hell!!  I am so uncomfortable in front of the camera (I enjoy being behind it more!) and get totally awkward and stiff! It’s like my jaws jam, my cheeks twitch, , I can’t smile.. Oh! I am just a complete mess in front of the lens! And I blame it on the Americans! (hehehe – for all the times I had to make a straight face with no smile for the American Visas pictures!! LOL!!)

On the day of the shoot, I started off quite nervous but was sooooo sooo much better by the end.. and the credit entirely goes to Najla! She engages with her subject and makes one feel so much at ease.. I posed (ok! ok!  tried posing…) in front of her lens! True story..I feel really stupid smiling at cameras for no reason… it feels fake and I can’t do it! She figured that the only way I would smile is if she smiles.. and seeing a glimpse of her smile behind the camera made me smile at the absurdity of my own situation!  But how sweet is that!???Which photographer engages with her subject like that? I haven’t met anyone like her! She really gives her everything to get a good shot!

Me by Najla

My husband, Mohsin is a totally different species, altogether! He is super confident, both On and Off camera! He never fails to surprise me with what he can do! He took his Sherwani and Jinnah Cap to the shoot (we had a fight about it when he mentioned he wants to take it and I was like WHYYY?? You are not Quaid-e-Azam! But I am glad I brought them along!).  Najla brilliantly captured his conversation with a pretend Mullah (apparently..) !

Mohsin posing for the camera

And the cherry on top, was how she captioned the whole series of his conversation..

In conversation with the inimitable, Mohsin Mujtaba
“Jee, main sunn raha houn”
“Ye bhi koi baat hui ?”
“Kya keh rahay hain aap ?”
“Bus, main kuch or nahin sunna chahta!”

We had so much fun on this shoot and amidst all the nerves, craziness and serious posing(ahem), Najla managed to get some really good shots of us! She really did make us look good!  I can safely say that these are one of our BEST Portraits E.V.E.R!

‘Hum’ in signature Najla Style!

I cannot recommend her enough, guys! Here is the photo album if you need anymore convincing! (Click on the thumbnail preview to see the full image).

Contact her and book your appointment NOW! Here are her details..


This post was NOT planned in collaboration, its just happened! Frankly, because I loved the pictures so much, else if she didn’t make us look that good.. I wouldn’t have!  (or may be just would have shared Mohsin’s pictures and said I won a shoot and he availed it! LOL – True Story! )


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