DIY Project: Monica’s Peep Hole Frame

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We all loved the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, didn’t we..? I loved it too! If you loved it (as you just said) let me ask you something… “Do you remember the peephole door frame Monica had in her apartment?” . If you are a guy you ‘might have’ (as men never notice things like that) and if you are a girl you ‘must have’ (because we notice EVERYTHING!). Yes exactly… this one!!

Friends_TV_peephole_door_mirilla_Monica_001 I accidently stumbled across a tutorial  for this frame on Pinterest (Click here for the tutorial). And it took me a spilt second to decide that I wanted to have one for my apartment too.. There are two reasons behind that..

  1. I love the show! and still can watch it again and again.. AND
  2. My bestie always compares me to Monica Geller Bing!

Can you believe that??!!? Well, if you can .. you probably know me well 😀 I have some (NOT ALL- I repeat – NOT ALL) of her crazy qualities like being a cleanliness freak (thats my mum’s gene) with an obsessive-compulsive nature (that’s my dad’s gene and that’s what makes me try my best) and I won’t call myself a chef but yeah I can cook too (thanks again to my mum’s recipes). One more thing that I have in common with her is that my hair does not like humidity as well! ( Not too happy with this gene though 😦 )

That's what my hair looks like in humidity too!
That’s what my hair looks like in humidity too!

You can stop laughing now!  Lets get to work! I had a lot of fun making this frame. I wasn’t too sure and confident at first but it turned out pretty okay! Here is how I did it.

Stuff you need.
Stuff you will need.
  1. I mixed 3 parts of glue and 1 part of water to make the paste for paper mache.
  2. Next I printed out the template of the frame from  and pasted it on a thin card board.
Newspapers rolled up and pasted on the template.

3.   I then took an old news paper and rolled them up (12 rolls – with 6-7 folds each) , dipped in the glue mixture and then followed the pattern and pasted them on the template. (I used 3 rolls on each side of the frame.) Let it dry completely. I left it for a couple of hours to dry. TIP: Do all the rolling of the newspaper before u start pasting and dipping your fingers in glue.( I learned it the hard way).

Paper Mache Process
Paper Mache Process

4. In the mean while, I cut up pieces of the paper towel and as soon as the new paper was dry I started the doing paper mache. TIP: Be Patient: Its a  very slow and tedious process!

5. I did 2 coats of it and then let it dry over night.

After two coats of mache
After two coats of paper mache

IMG_67156. It looked a little ‘not too strong’ for my liking so I did another coat of mache and let it dry again. I picked my self a book and forgot about everything! (What made me forget about this… read here ).

7. Once I was happy with the firmness of the frame, I cut it off from the board and painted it in two shades of yellow (I used Acrylic Paints).

8. I then cut up a purple paper about the size of the frame and cut a hole in the middle of it and pasted it to the frame. Though the tutorial didn’t ask for it, I wanted it to have a bit of purple (as Monica’s door was purple and THAT my husband would not approve of at all! ). I used Velcro double sided tape to mount it on the door. TADAAAAAA!!!

    2015-10-27 00.12.56                          2015-10-26 23.51.47 IMG_6735            IMG_6734

and you know what F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I am Loving it! (FACT: I don’t eat Mcdonald’s as much as I use their tag line :p )

This would make an awesome gift for a friend. You can also put a picture of you and your friend or use one of the famous lines from the show. I have made a couple of them which you can download and use for free!

I’ll be there for you

How You Doin?

Hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did ( a little less is fine too 😉 ) Let me know what you guys think!! And share your images if you try making it.

Until next time…. ciao!


12 thoughts on “DIY Project: Monica’s Peep Hole Frame

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  3. Jerri

    Thank you soooo much for this! I’m currently making mine right now- thanks for your wonderful directions- they were PERFECT!!


  4. Super excited I found your tutorial…I graduate in about a week and a half from my university, and I wanted to decorate my cap with the frame, but wasn’t sure how, until I saw this. It seems simple enough, and I’m excited. Thank you!


    1. Kuraisha

      Hi there! This looks amazing!! I’m planning on making one for a FRIENDS theme housewarming and I have a few questions.

      Is the template meant to be A4?
      Also, how much glue did you need? Is 100ml enough?


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  6. Kuraisha

    This is so great! I’m planning on making one for my FRIENDS themed housewarming next month.

    I have a few questions though:
    Is the template meant to be A4 once it’s printed?
    Also, how much glue did you need? Is 100ml enough?


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