Parenting, Managing and More..

The news of the massive earthquake in the Northern Pakistan region left thousands homeless and hundreds dead. In a country like Pakistan where the common man is  already struggling for their day to day needs, such a devastation is catastrophic. May God help the families of the departed souls to recover from such a tragic loss.

Today’s earth quake reminded me of something in the book I read a few days back.. (mentioned in my last post …read here).  It says something like this…

Instead of losing ourselves in the Love of God, we look at things with fear tinted eyes, it is no wonder that we see a plethora of things to be afraid of. Wherever there is an earthquake, drought , or any other calamity, we take it as a sign of Divine Wrath _ as if God does not openly say, My compassion outweighs My wrath.

God is Al-Rahim. He is the kindest of all. May God be with the people affected by this tragedy today.

At our home, its been a slow day. Everyone (I mean everyone!!! Me, my husband, and all three kids) are down with a terrible virus. Its been going around these days in Doha and for the last one week one it has invaded our home. Dash got sick last week and then passed it on to Jack – Jack and me. I gave it to my husband and Jack-Jack to Violet and back to Dash! (Yes, we have been playing ‘tag’ the virus and the second round has already started!).

2015-10-26 08.46.12Since all three kids are taking medicines, I can’t (No one can!!!) remember when I gave which medicine to which kid! (I struggle with remembering medication timings for one sick kid, let alone 3 at the same time). So this is where PMP skills come in handy.. I am keeping track of the medication time with this chart. (and its working!!! LOL)

Praying that this virus takes a leave from our home ASAP! And “The Incredibles” get back in action (its been very quiet and dull today 😦 ).

P.S. I have a few very fun projects coming up REAL soon..  Stay tuned…


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