14 Years Later – A Peek Into Our Wedding Album!

4 Feb 2004 – The day we tied the knot! Its been 14 YEARS and it feels unreal but here we are, 14 years later still in Qatar (I moved to Qatar on Feb 12, 2004) and with 3 kids (Alhumdolilah).

As my brother puts it in our very filmi khaandani way, (if you have watched Bollywood movies, you will know what it means!)

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.27.51 AM
14 saal qaid-e-bamushaqqat (14 years of Life Imprisonment )

The problem is that we both argue on who is serving the sentence, but I think we both are! (lol!) Needless to say it’s been roller coaster ride with the first year being the toughest understanding each other and adjusting in the new families (as every family has their own crazy ways which feel alien to the spouse at first.. but then they join the club and become a part of that madness! lol!).

DSC02900 (Medium)
Our very first trip to Dubai

Like every other couple, we have had our good times and not so good times (where we wanted to kill each other! haha), but there has been more good than bad and that’s what keeps us going!

The happier times…
And the not so happy ones… When he tried to kill me at the top of CN tower! lol!

How we met, is another long story for another anniversary maybe (when I am ready to tell the kids the crazy story – but not just yet! lol). So I’ll start this post with the events that followed & the festivities around the whole wedding!

Spring in Doha – 2006


The Baat Pakki Dinner

It all started with the official dinner my parents hosted and invited Mohsin’s family over to say the formal ‘Yes’.  I was 22 and he was 25. We were both quite young and sometimes I question if I was sensible enough to make this HUGE decision. So every argument we have now ends with how he never let me think too much and ‘pushed’ me to say yes! His version is different (lol) but the truth is that I quite liked him but wasn’t ready to get hitched and wanted to think it over and Mohsin made sure of that I didn’t! – True story! I had major cold feet, a month before the wedding but that’s another long story for another time!

The ‘Baat Pakki’ Dinner at my home with the two families.

The Dholkis And Dawats

The various dholkis and lunches and dinners that followed

Pakistani Weddings these days are quite extravagant, but our was much simpler, with a Nikkah (at home during the day), Mehndi (at home), followed by a Shaadi and a Valima.

The Nikkah

Nikkah at home (and very bad pictures taken from the video )

The Mehndi


The Shaadi

The Valima Dinner


You can probably tell I liked my Valima pictures the most! Another reason I didn’t share many of the Mehndi and Shaadi pictures is that my family won’t forgive me! (lol! Some of them looked really funny then – especially the teenage cousins! )

If you ask me what have we gained and lost after all these years.. my answer always is:

I have gained a LOT of pounds and he has lost a LOT of hair! That pretty much sums it all up!

Like every other wife I say (read complain) to him that:

You have changed so much, you don’t give me time, you don’t talk to me, you are always travelling, blah blah blah…

But one thing that hasn’t changed in ALL these years (and I can never complain) is the way he looks at me, probably thinking “Yeh Cheez Kia Hai!”! (By the way, which for some reason has been caught on camera so many times! I was amazed myself while digging through the old photos!)


So here’s to many more of years of him staring at me and yet wanting to strangle me! (He’s probably been contemplating my murder and I am thinking “Awww he loves me so much!” LOL!)

I hope you enjoy this post, as much as I did putting it together!



13 thoughts on “14 Years Later – A Peek Into Our Wedding Album!

  1. sabha

    This was incredibly adorable !!! You’ve had a wonderful collection of memories in the form of pictures. well done and waiting for the post on how you guys met !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Humaira (Money Savvy Muslim)

    Many many congratulations! My husband and I are only 4 years into this journey and i’m Sure every time he looks at me he wonders also, Yeh cheez Kia hai 😂!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. What stuns me is that even after 14 years, the Pakistani clothes you wore can compete with today’s fashions. That’s the thing about desi fashion–it’s truly timeless. New trends are popping all the time but the old remains gold! Congrats on your time together and may Allah bless you with further happiness and health.


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