The Desi Wedding – Photo Booth

The Desi WeddingDecember is festive season around the globe..For us Pakistanis it is festive indeed but with a twist. Its called Shaadi (wedding) season..the cooler weather , the school winter breaks and relatives visiting from abroad .. it is indeed the perfect time to tie the knot!

Last year, it was my sister in laws wedding in Karachi. And we decided to have some photo booth fun at the Mehndi function, which is all about singing and dancing and having fun.. I looked and looked for some FREE Desi Photo Booth props but couldn’t find any so I decided to design myself.. some famous movie lines, some famous songs etc.



Since its December again, I am sure there would be a lot of weddings coming up and I thought will share my work with you guys..

The Signs: I found a lovely site where you can create a personalized wedding photo booth sign for FREE. I used that to create one. I also found another sign that I printed and used (HD Image in the Resources section at the end of the post).

The Props: A friend sent me the speech bubble image and I designed the signs with famous songs, movie dialogues etc. Quite a few of them actually. Print them, cut them , stick to card stock paper and attach a chopstick/skewer to it.  (You can download them from the Resources section below).




We had a lot of fun! You can add some other props like oversized glasses, hats, the notoun (money) ka haar, sehra, etc etc.. the possibilities are endless!

Let your imagination go WILD!!!  Have fun this wedding season!!

The Incredibles – Having fun with the props!





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