New Home: Entry Way Reveal – The Blue Accent Wall

EntryWayRevealLet’s do a little recap for those who have recently started reading the blog. We moved to a new home last month and I made a couple of brave choices when choosing the paint color.And btw, I found a very easy way of choosing the right paint color. I painted one living room wall deep green which you can see in the Living Room Reveal, I did last month. I painted one entry way wall navy blue and I know some of you have been waiting to see how that turned out.

Finally the entry way is now complete and I am quite happy with how it looks. So without any more beating around the bush, lets get to business.

So lets see the BEFORE first.


And now the AFTER


Quite a transformation, right? (I realized it as well when I was looking for the ‘before’ picture) and I am very happy with how it all came together. I had been drooling over the color Navy for a long time and this wall just seemed perfect for it!

Lets see some more pictures (from every possible angle! lol)BlueWallEntryWay3487Though I absolutely ADORE fresh flowers, they are quite expensive in Doha and hence I settled for these silk flowers.  They are quite decent and I just put some water in the vase to fool people 🙂BlueWallEntryWay3488

BlueWallEntryWay3489I saw this round foyer table at Pottery Barn and fell in love. I was lucky that it was the last piece (and a bit damaged- with a few scratches) and therefore reduced to a 70% off – an instant love at sight (errr.. price!)BlueWallEntryWay3541The book shelf (from my old apartment) and these two chairs are both from Pan Emirates. I get a lot of surprised looks when I tell people that, but Pan Emirates does carry some great pieces in their rustic collection and for great prices. (On a side note: I once saw a side lamp at Pan Emirates which was exactly the same as the one at Marina Home and for a big price difference!)


The gorgeous rug came as a gift from Pakistan from my uncle (wohoo!!) and the cushions are my own DIY project that I printed on plain Ikea cushion covers.

For the walls I decided NOT to buy any art but to put my own photography up (err, I think I have taken some decent shots). I got the photos printed and put them up in Ikea frames. DSCF3567.jpgMy husband and I are both very emotional people – the only difference between us is that he is emotionally intelligent and I am NOT! (not even close, lol).  Everything in our home has a meaning.. some association… some personal story attached to it.

And that’s why I chose to put my own photographs rather than someone else’s art. The three pictures on one side are photographs of Karachi, Pakistan and other three are from Qatar (my second home) – this was done for obvious emotional attachment to these two cities 🙂

 Empress Market , Karachi
 Saddar, Karachi 
Photos of Doha, I took over the years

DSCF3569Lets take a closer look at whats on the bookshelf and you will know what I mean by. ‘everything has a story behind it’, even the decoration pieces!


This was a pure coincidence, but I guess we love holding on to traditions and cultures and in this case, traditional rides.. be it a Qatari dhow or a Pakistani Rikshaw.


Our family’s Willow Tree figurines collection that started with a gift for my husband (when he became a new dad) and has now grown with us to the whole family. The irony is that my daughter has developed a cat allergy – so the family pet will now have to be a puppy!

BlueWallEntryWay3507This Swarovski collection was my husband’s idea and represents the journey of our married life. This is how it grew (from Left to Right)

  • Us, an anniversary gift,
  • the pram came on my first Mother’s day (when I was expecting our first child)
  • then came the little girl..
  • our first home in The Pearl..
  • and then came the boys

I LOVE these and my husband gets really upset if our nanny mixes up that order while cleaning 🙂

BlueWallEntryWay3509Just because, that’s our favorite Disney movie and this Enchanted Rose was a DIY project. After the blogpost the store selling these roses, started selling them like this  -with fairy lights and a glass dome/jar. (and No, I didn’t get any royalty for that idea! hehe)

BlueWallEntryWay3510And that’s a personalized gift from a friend for my husband’s 40th Birthday,which sits on the bookshelf shelf next to a picture of his mum and dad.

BlueWallEntryWay3432I fell in love with this chandelier from The One, and had been eyeing it for a long time. But I had to do a lot of convincing, as my husband was totally against getting it. He was like ‘Whats the need?’ (need?! who NEEDS a chandelier?? No one.. it just makes the space look pretty! I didn’t need it, I wanted it!)

Luckily for me the store went on sale for a few hours and I just got an excuse to justify my purchase. (I feel extra happy when I get a bargain and my husband fails to understand this feeling of mine! hehe)BlueWallEntryWay3393

How it looks at night.


Isn’t it just so pretty!

And before I sign off, lets zoom out again and have another look at the Entry Way Blue wall!

BlueWallEntryWay3481Let me know what you guys think! I am eagerly waiting 🙂BlueWallEntryWay3493

Waiting… 🙂

Ciao and have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “New Home: Entry Way Reveal – The Blue Accent Wall

  1. Nabeela

    I have to admit I was skeptical of the blue colour…especially a dark shade…but it looks fantastic…i dont know if its the colour itself or the way you have decorated the space…whatever it is…it looks super!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yamina Usman

    The blue really ties up everything in this space…and loved the stories behind all the pieces on your shelf.
    Well done and enjoy your space….ps love the chandelier …have a similar one in my home in UK and I miss it here so much…its like jewellery for the ceiling isn’t it!(husband’s don’t get it don’t worry!)


  3. Sabika Shaban

    Love the look! I need a similar transformation from two of my walls but haven’t developed the guts to do it yet. How did you ever choose ‘just six’ photos from a collection?? That in itself would be a month-long debate. And Also, just saying, but I’m totally stealing the family cushions idea. I hope you haven’t patented it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hina Raza

    Job well doneBano! MashAllah you are so creative and have put just the right pieces together…the wall colour, decor All compliment each other
    I love it! Bravo ❤️😘😎


  5. Sumaira

    Hi, This is my first time writing a comment on your blog….your new house decor has spoken to me 🙂 Lovely set up you have created! I am myself an artist and interior designer and I can see a lot of similarities between your design strategies ( story behind every piece, emotional attachment with objects which carry deep meaning, putting your work and only your own work as wall art) and the most important aspect of decor “the placement ” of each and every piece in the house which comes with solid reasoning and justification and Iam glad you have kept that in mind!! Well achieved project I must say…..glad to see someone who just speaks to you in your language through art and design!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your house is beautiful Masha Allah! I can’t wait to decorate my house up to my liking whenever we get to move. The wall looks great, and I think adding plants to a space adds more life to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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