Gift Idea – Birthday Roses

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You all must be thinking.. YEAH RIGHT!..  what’s so new in this idea? I mean really?? etc. etc. But hold on.. this is very unique and original and the credit goes to Mr. Incredible.

So every woman (at least the ones I know) loves red roses.. The red rose symbolizes many different meanings depending on its shade and the amount (Yes you read that right.. hold on I’ll get to that soon). In general it portrays beauty, passion, courage and respect. It says congratulations, I love you and shows sincere love.Collage1

So this is how its a unique idea.. Since the last 12 years we have been married, on my birthday Mr. Incredible gets me these red roses but there is a hidden logic.. Every year the number of  roses are equal to my age.. So every year there is one more rose..  (See I told you there is a unique element to these roses). Collage3

Now the problem was when I was working.. He would have these delivered to my office too .. and people would know my real age!!! (lol if they knew the logic that is – which I made sure I didn’t share at all).

People say it about diamonds.. but I say…

“Roses are a girl’s best friend…. (and diamonds too… 😛 ) “

On a serious note, flowers in general make me really happy.. I love to have fresh flowers around my home…


This year as well I got this gorgeous bouquet of red roses.. (wanna know my age.. count them !! ).  Aren’t they just GORGEOUS! *sigh…*.  In love with my roses and the man behind them.. (too much PDA !! )

The frame pictured alongside the roses is also a handmade birthday gift from my cousin.. (handmade by her husband… 😉 ). I love it!

Blessed to be surrounded with loved ones and my roses..

P.S. Make your husbands read this !! 🙂




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