Bag In A Bag!

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How many of you find it annoying to change handbags simply because whenever you do, you forget to move a few of the essential items …. So you have a collection of handbags sitting in the closet but you keep using the same old handbag (ATLEAST I DO THAT!), because you don’t want to spend the time and effort just to switch the bag and end up with something missing when you need it!

I get super excited and passionate about things that help me organize my life and my stuff! So I found this little handbag organizer on Amazon that has changed my life forever! (for the better ofcourse!) . I absolutely LUVVVEE it! I have been using it for a few months now and I often curse myself for not getting it before. Collage1 (Large)

Its a Bag in Bag, which has 10 pockets (love the mesh ones, cause I can see what I’ve kept there without having the need to dig in!), two zipper compartments and a central compartment. So everything that I need in my handbag, like my wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone, headphones, makeup, chewing gum, sanitizer , perfume , pen, extra hair clip, tissues and some other essentials in this bag. All I need to do, is just take this out and put in the other bag! That’s how simple it has become for me to switch bags! TADAAAA!!!!! Collage 2 (Large) This has made to my favorite things list

2015-11-03 23.04.29 (Large) (Large)

Some More Ideas?

I find Nadiya Najib’s Organizing Chaos series very informative and detailed ,where she shares her reasons for the need to declutter and organize your life!  You can check out her wonderful ideas to organizing handbags and wallet, tips on the essential items for them  and much more (click here or the image below to check it out)NadiyaNajibHandbag.png


5 thoughts on “Bag In A Bag!

  1. Sadaf

    This bag looks amazing!!
    I have a good collection of hand bags that I keep changing almost everyday do this would be perfect for me. If you could link me to where I can purchase this bag for myself, that would be wonderful! Thank you 🙂


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