Recipe Of The Week – Healthy Relationship



Done laughing? Lets go now.. But before we proceed any further.. please read the warnings and disclaimers.

WARNING: ‘Cheesy’ Post alert.. proceed at your own risk!

DISCLAMIER: I have only been married for 12 years and hence in NO way (whatsoever), do I claim to be any sort of a relationship expert/guru. What I share here is what I believe, to be the recipe for any relationship/marriage to work. I am not perfect (not even close !!!) and have this recipe hanging in my kitchen, as a reminder for us (Read ME!) and hoping for OSMOSIS to somehow work here and transfer this into my head! ( LOL, Scientists would be scratching their heads right now!!)



  • 2 cups of Laughter
  • 1 dash of Happiness
  • 1 packet of Respect
  • 2lbs of Tenderness
  • 1 cup of Date Nights



We all know ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’…. ever wondered, for what?? Laughter does help with our health and wellbeing..(Scientific Research!!).. After a good laugh, don’t you feel free from any barriers you made (yourself) for others .. And it really helps to liberate your own self as well..  It’s really important to have a laugh about something silly.. something totally stupid.. Humor is very important in a relationship.. to be able to laugh with each other is to let your hearts open up for each other. Laugh often!


Well, you might be thinking how can happiness be an ingredient for happiness in a relationship?? What I have learnt is that to be happy as a couple it is EXTREMELY vital that you are happy as an individual.. an unhappy person can not bring any happiness in a relationship.. Be happy!


Respect, respect, respect. Inside and outside the relationship, act in ways so that your partner always maintains respect for you. Mutual respect is another vital ingredient for a healthy relationship. Respecting each others wishes, feelings and the differences. Respect is as important as love in a relationship. Respect each other!


Showing tenderness toward your partner is essential. Show that you care.. apologize if you get in an argument.. show empathy towards their feelings.. Give lots of cuddles!

Date Nights

My favorite Ingredient! (lol). It is EXTREMELY important (specially for married couples with kids) to take the time out for each other. After kids, life just starts revolving around them.. their school, after school clubs, lunchboxes, etc. etc. and your own daily routine.. By the time the kids are in bed.. and you are done with your chores.. you are so tired that you hardly get to (Read WANT TO) talk to each other…(and even if u do.. its either about the kids or some other domestic issues). You MUST take the time for each other.. just the two of you ..reconnect! Collage3

BTW, this is our signature shot! (Copyrighted!! lol) We have taken a back-shot of us,  everywhere (almost everywhere) we have been to… 😉 Mr. IncredibleRead here why I call my husband Mr.Incredible) is obsessed with it!!!(Ooppps.. forgot the Respect part so soonn!??!! ), let me re-phrase it.. Mr. Incredible loves to take this shot of us… 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!


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