Makeup and Watches Organization

Hey all! I had a long summer and a lazy September recovering from the long summer break… Now, lets gets back to getting the home organized! Shall We??

I previously did a post on my obsession with organizing (Read here before you proceed!). Up till now, I have shared two of the organizing ideas (that I have implemented in my apartment…)in this series..

  1. Caps Organization
  2. Sunglasses Organization (with a DIY solution)

Now lets get back to some more organizing ideas that have been successfully working in my home (specially in an apartment living with 3 kids…).

I try to maximize the space I have and try to “keep it” neatly organized (which means a lot of screaming at my husband and kids! LOL). Because you all would agree that organizing is one thing.. and keeping it organized is another, altogether!

In this post, I will share how I have organized my makeup, watches and other misc stuff. So lets get to business!

Watches Organization:

Let’s tackle the smaller beast first! 😀 If you have a few watches (that you like to collect or have watches from ages ago that are out of battery but just sitting in your collection.. like me 🙂 ),all you need is a Watch Organizing Box.. Its easily available at most home stores.. and keeps them neat and easy accessible.This saves up space as rather than having various individual watch boxes (of different brands, shapes and sizes) you have all of them in one. And everything is visible through the clear top!  You can throw away all the individual boxes of watches. 

And this goes inside the drawer…No rocket science here!watches-2

Makeup Organization:

Now lets get to the bigger beast..Makeup! Given the fact that we get dust storms so frequently, here in Qatar… I don’t like to keep my makeup brushes and makeup on top of my dresser. That’s why I needed a solution to keep them neatly, inside the drawer. So once again, Ikea solved my problem! ( I love their organizers for EVERYTHING!)

First, I got the GODMORGON Box from IKEA, which has sections for lipsticks and small stuff and a secret compartment underneath (my brushes and pencils on top and the bigger stuff underneath.. see the pictures below ).


And then it went to the other side of the same drawer..makeup2

Next, another one of the same series from IKEA called the GODMORGON Storage Unit, which basically has three stories of trays ,that can be stacked on top of one another. Some eye makeup, pins, and other misc. items went in there..makeup3-2And that went neatly in the drawer too.. makeup4

And lastly, another drawer insert (again from IKEA!ANTONIUS Basket Insert, to keep some other things like cards, coins, extra glasses , Nail cutter and what not! (this is mostly filled with trash that comes out of my husband’s pocket everyday! lol)makeup5

And they all fit perfectly well!

Look at the amount of stuff, I have managed to keep in one drawer!!! And its so easy to access as well! And I know I know.. I have MUCH more stuff than my poor husband! 😀

Before I sign off, a FINAL look at the Makeup & Watches and Misc. stuff Drawer!makeup

Some More Ideas?

I find Nadiya Najib’s Organizing Chaos series very informative and detailed ,where she shares her reasons for the need to declutter and organize your life!  You can check out her wonderful ideas how she organizes her cosmetics and much more (click here or the image below to check it out)


Lots of more organizing ideas coming up soon! Stay tuned! Until next time..


24 thoughts on “Makeup and Watches Organization

  1. luckilylenny

    I miss my mum! She is a total OCD as well! Although IKEA was not available in our town back in the Philippines, she used every containers and jars she could have after emptying it. Hahaha


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