Happy Mother’s Day – UK Edition


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums celebrating it today.. which is all the mums from the UK and Ireland. In Pakistan, we celebrate it on the second Sunday of May (like majority of the countries) while in Qatar it will fall on March 20th this year. And we celebrate all 3 of them cause the kids go in a British School and they celebrated it today, and then of course we celebrate it again with the Qataris and the Pakistanis.

I was looking up Wikipedia, as to when, which country celebrates it.. (these pictures are from there.. have a look).. The amazing thing is, that someone somewhere in the world celebrates Mother’s day EVERY  month! So all year round, there is a Mother’s day celebration! And I agree – that’s how it should be!

Mother’s and their unconditional love should be celebrated everyday!

So the kids came back with some cards made for me (which basically reminded me it was the UK Mother’s day today! ). Violet wrote a card in English and ARABIC! And Dash came with a hand print of his, an emotional quote (READ verrrrrrrry!) on it and he tried to write his name too (which I have hidden with the hearts for privacy 🙂 )  I mean which mother wouldn’t get all teary eyed!!!

Violet’s Card… She had made it earlier and was trying to hide it from me and hence it got crumpled a bit..but WOW what a proud moment for me as a parent!
Dash’s Hand Prints.. isn’t this beautiful?

Jack- Jack came home with a card and a bracelet he made for me.. (although he refused to give it to me and wanted to wear it himself! 🙂 )Collageh

After all the hugs and kisses .. I realized that my mum is here too.. and though we don’t celebrate THIS particular mother’s day…She would be gone from Doha, when the ‘Real’ (the ones we celebrate in our family) comes. So why not celebrate it with her today!

On that note, I decided to take her out to her favorite restaurant in Doha which is Wagamama.

So I took my MAMA to WagaMAMA for a Mother- Daughter dinner! LOL

Image Credit – Wagamama Qatar

My mum had her noodles, which are always yum as usual. She loves her noodles… I think in her past life she was born in  a Chinese family .. cause she just loves Chinese/Asian food! 🙂

Yaki Soba – Image Credit Wagamama

I decided to try the new item on their menu.. warm chicken chilli salad. And all the people who have Wagamama in their city.. Go and try this now!!!!  It was just sooo sooo good. Very light, (as their were no carbs.. only lettuce leaves to go on the side) – with this awesome chicken and veggie stir fry  – in this AH-mazing sauce!  I fell for this new salad (that’s how they are marketing their new items on the menu.. “Fall for something new….”). Previously it was fire cracker shrimps for me.. but now, this is my new passion! 🙂

Warm Chicken Chili Salad – My newly found love!         Image credit -Wagamama


Try it on your next visit!

And all you beautiful Mother’s out there, whether in Doha, UK , Pakistan or Timbuktu!

Happy Mother’s Day!! You women are all AH-MAZING!


DSC_0038And Mums in Doha, GUESS WHAT?!??? I have a Mother’s Day Contest for you ladies coming real soon… Stay tuned.. Contest to be announced in the next post!

Till then.. Ciao..


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