The Reality Of Mother’s Day!

So, this is what happened to me today... True Story! Monday, 20 March 2017: Yesterday was the first of the three Mother's day we celebrate here in Qatar.. The UK one, which the kids celebrate as they study in a British School, followed by the Mother's day celebrated in the Arab world and last but definitely not …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Second Sunday of May, is probably the most widely celebrated "Mother's Day".  It is celebrated  in more than 80 countries around the globe. This is the one , that is celebrated in Pakistan, US , Canada, India, Brazil etc... Though, I believe everyday is Mother’s day and one should hug, kiss, appreciate and say 'I love you' to one's mom …

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Happy Mother’s Day – Arab World!

It's Mother's day today in the Arab World, including Qatar. Well, every day is a Mother's day in my opinion.. which starts with the morning smiles and hugs, the crazy car rides to school and back, the tornado that hits the home (when they are back home till they sleep ) and the good night cuddles! …

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