Pak-India Match ‘vs’ Kapoor and Sons

VSFor my non-desi readers, today was the India- Pakistan T20 World Cup Cricket Match.. and for us Pakistani and Indians its like “The Clash of the Titans”!!!  And Kapoor and Sons is a new Indian movie with a Pakistani actor playing the lead role.

Disclaimer: I am not a HUGE Fawad Khan Fan.. Yes , I think he is very good looking and a verryyy good actor but I am not his biggest fan (I have a few friends who are crazy about him! and they know who they are! lol ). So my opinion is not VERYYYYY biased (just a lil may be ;))

Well, so everyone I knew was prepping and getting hyper about the T20, Pak VS India Match today. To tell you the truth, I lost interest in Cricket ages ago (basically since Wasim Akram and Waqar Yonus stopped playing 😛 ). So I wasn’t bothered about the match at all! Plus we hardly ever win in an India Pakistan match!! ( I don’t remember any in recent past … but my memory isn’t great too.. and I have no interest left as well.. so I may be wrong). But thankfully, so was my husband.. not interested at all in today’s match! (he kept saying that if India won’t win today, who will go and watch the rest of the matches in India .. so it will be economically disastrous for ICC T20 World Cup! – Smart thinking!)th013SKAFTSaturday nights are very precious for us (and all the parents with small children would agree with me here.. ) as the kids go to bed early after a fun weekend(since we have Friday and Saturday off here in Doha and Sunday is a school day). Saturday night is usually our Date/Movie Night!

This Saturday night we had two choices:

  1. We could have either spent the night, watching the game and call it a night on a depressed note.. cursing and blaming our team players OR
  2. Go and watch the Fawad Khan starrer Kapoor and Sons”, (which seemed like a nice family movie)and appreciate a Pakistani who is making his mark and making Pakistan proud in India! (And of course because he is soo good looking and such a good actor! 😉 )

We chose the later, and Man am I glad that we did!! 🙂

One more reason why we (Read I) chose to watch the movie! 😉

Now enough of me going on about how good Fawad Khan looked or acted in the movie…the movie is actually a really good one! We took my mom along to watch it and she loved it too! It was such a nice family movie! Hilarious and yet emotional… a very heart warming… feel good type movie! The family jokes they shared.. their relationships as a family.. everything was sooo relevant to our desi families in general! And the grand-dad played by Rishi Kapoor was such a cute spirited character!  Its a MUST watch – Feel good – Bollywood movie with beautiful locations, good acting, a wonderful script, NOT a predictable story and last but not the least our very own Fawad Khan!!

I read the Filmfare’s review of the movie which said this about him (WOW!!) 

Fawad on the other hand plays the apple-of-everyone’s-eye character with verve. And just when you think he’s great, he opens the Pandora’s box and unleashes a tsunami of talent. His control and finesse at acting is jaw dropping.

Last year Fawad Khan visited Doha for an event and a friend arranged for me to meet him.. so sharing with you guys.. the day I met him! (Since I just saw the movie and am totally impressed by him -all over again!) 🙂

The day I met him..

However after the second picture(see below), I got a silent treatment from my husband for 2 weeks!!!! ( I am NOT kidding!!). I do agree with him though, that we women get away with going crazy after these movie stars and all.. and would not be to handle our husbands doing the same for some actress!  And then we talk about the need for “Equality for Women!” (lol!). I always tell him I understand what he is saying and agree… yet I can go “goo-goo-gaa-gaa” over a Celebrity and he CANNOT! (haha very fair – I know!  Some advantages for us girls in this male dominated world! LOL)


FullSizeRender (Large)
The picture that caused trouble in my life! lol

Go watch it and I am sure you will enjoy the movie! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pak-India Match ‘vs’ Kapoor and Sons

  1. Hina

    Hi PMP Mom,
    Nice review on the movie but I fail to grasp what’s wrong in the second pic that led to certain unfavorable circumstances;)
    Keep writing … Good one !


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