Happy Mother’s Day – Arab World!


It’s Mother’s day today in the Arab World, including Qatar. Well, every day is a Mother’s day in my opinion.. which starts with the morning smiles and hugs, the crazy car rides to school and back, the tornado that hits the home (when they are back home till they sleep ) and the good night cuddles! We, mums have the toughest and yet the most rewarding job ever!

My mum is here, visiting us but she leaves this weekend :(. And no matter how old we get (yes, I just noticed my first white hair this week! *sob*), we still need our mothers.. they give the best hugs!(which makes everything all better!).

We had a simple celebration and went for a walk (for me and mum and a bike ride for my daughter) downstairs and of course some ice cream! A favorite dessert of both, my mum and my daughter.

The beautiful Pearl, Qatar.
A trip to the ice cream shop


Followed by reading my daughter Violet’s favorite book!

Violet’s favorite book!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mums out there! And lots of hugs to all of you whose mums are up there, looking down and smiling at you! xx


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