DIY Project – Fish Bowl Makeover


A few years ago, my daughter Violet insisted that we get a pet.. though I love pets that you can cuddle with like cats and dogs ( I am SO not a fish or bird kind of a person.. ), we got her a pair of goldfishes. Although growing up I had a dog, a cat, a pair of bunnies, lots of birds, fishes, chicks… possibly every type of pet..I didn’t want to get one yet for Violet as I was busy taking care of her two youngers brothers, who were very very young at that time.. (they are 4 and 3 now.. lol so u can imagine what situation was I in, at that time and didn’t want to take care of a pet as well!!). So we agreed on getting the easiest pet to keep and that was a pair of goldfishes..  and we named them (ofcourse!) as ‘Goldie” and ‘Sunheri’ (yep, my husband doesn’t miss any opportunity to make them learn Urdu!).

I was hoping that they would last a few months in a fish bowl and Violet would get over her obsession of having a pet.. but to my surprise Goldie and Sunheri lived for about 1.5 years in a fish bowl! First Goldie died and the following week Sunheri passed away too.. I was a little worried to break the news to Violet of the second fish dying as well, but as soon as I told her.. she went like

“Mama, Now can we get a REAL pet like a cat or a dog!?”

She certainly takes after her mother (Me!).. in her preference of pets.  Anyways.. long story short, I promised her a cat when she finishes her Quran (and we are working very hard towards that!). In the mean while the fish bowl was lying in storage getting dusty! So I thought that can be used for something and gave it a makeover and hence the post.

I came across various articles on Pinterest about making a DIY Glass Bowl Indoor Terrarium.. and the fish bowl was just perfect for it!

Though the tutorials asked for a few extra materials for it.. but I just used what I had.. to create a mini open air table top garden and I LOVE it!

Here is what I used

  • Fish Bowl
  • Pebbles
  • Potting Soil
  • A couple of small plants.011

I filled in the bowl with soil, then planted the plants in and then added some rocks for some décor.. that’s it!terrarium1

Though the rocks should be at the bottom to create some drainage for water, I found it really difficult to keep the soil  not getting in between the rocks and  spoiling the look. You can avoid that by creating a layer of moss. As I did not have any moss to create the barrier between the two layers.. so I just reversed it.. Its looking good and the plants are okay as well. I water them once a week and that also very lightly with a water spray..

You can create these indoor terrarium in any wide mouth container.. to add life to any space.. be it at work desk or a bookshelf or any table top in your home.027

Its the perfect way to add greenery to small spaces and apartments.


Some useful links where you can get the step by step tutorials for creating your very indoor terrarium.


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