DIY Project: A Very Special Tooth Fairy Visit!

The Tooth

So, this is a very special milestone for my daughter, Violet and me- both! Her first baby tooth got wobbly a few weeks back . She is 7 1/2 years old and ALL her friends started to loose their teeth, as soon as they turned 6! And she was waiting… waiting… and waiting for a looooong time! She got very disappointed a few times, would she ever loose her baby teeth! Once, she said to me..

Mama, I think I will be ‘adult’ with ‘baby teeth!’ *sigh*

Awwwww… my poor baby….I even had to lie to her that I lost my first tooth when I was 9 years (I was trying to keep a buffer of a couple of years, before it got serious!). Technically, its not a lie..(or I think) because I don’t even remember when I lost my first tooth (and I was not a first born of my parents.. where everything is recorded in a baby book! lol). So there is no record of the age, at which I lost my tooth! Anyways.. that always made her feel better.. and gave her HOPE!

So you can understand how important and special it was for her.. but why for me???Come on… my FIRST born.. the FIRST baby tooth she got (and we were over the moon, as new parents when she got them..) was wobbly.. my baby was about to loose her first tooth and get her first Adult tooth! *sigh* They grow up so fast!

So, when her first tooth got REALLY wobbly (we have had a lot of false/fake wobbly teeth too! lol), I thought of making it really special for her.. She had waited a loooong time for this. So I made a little felt envelope for her to do her ‘Exchange’ with the Tooth fairy.. She would keep her tooth in it..and the fairy would leave the money in that.

So here is Step by Step Tutorial of how I made the Tooth Fairy Envelope.DIY Tooth Fairy Envelope

Stuff you will need for this…DSC_0007


  1. I had a white sparkly cloth lying around, on which I drew a tooth & cut it out. I used crafters glue to stick the googly eyes and drew a smile with a permanent marker.ToothFairy1
  2. Next, I cut out a square from the felt , folded and sewed it as an envelope.ToothFairy2Toothfairy3
  3. I then appliqued the tooth fabric on it, with a simple running stitch.Toothfairy4
  4. Next, I cut out a stamp from a yellow felt fabric and wrote on it with a permanent marker, which I then  appliqued as well.ToothFairy5
  5. Next, I put a touch button to close the envelope and a big Jewel Button (as Violet loves over the top sparkly things! lol).ToothFairy6

That’s it! Simple right? DSC_0030

I made this envelope, the night we had established that there WAS a wobbly tooth… Little did we know that we had to wait for 3 weeks.. and that tooth didn’t fall off.. In the mean time a second tooth became wobbly.. and then I noticed two adult teeth growing from behind. So now, she had a pair of baby Incisors and 2 adult Incisors.. That definitely meant a trip to the dentist where the baby teeth had to be pulled out.. a traumatic experience, which lasted for 5 minutes until the realization kicked in, of what it meant….. the Tooth Fairy was coming tonight!!!!!

I gave Violet her envelope I made for her.. She loved it!!!! She kept her extracted baby teeth.. and a letter she wrote for the Tooth Fairy in the envelope.. (asking her, NOT to take the envelope with her! LOL)

Since it was such a long awaited visit by the Tooth Fairy, The Tooth Fairy made it veryyyy special.. She left her a Tooth Receipt, a Letter, some sparkly Fairy Money and a Picture of herself with Violet asleep !! *wink*

The Tooth receipt and the letter..
The Fairy Currency..
The First Visit Picture…

We had an extremely happy and excited Violet, the next morning.. 🙂 Tooth Fairy made it veryyyyyy special for her… 🙂

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