Juices And Smoothies: Double Peach Smoothie


Another yogurt based smoothie to combat the thirst during the long summer Ramzan days, is the Double Peach Smoothie. Its refreshing and filling. Just be sure to use juicy, ripe peaches for best flavor..

023Double Peach Smoothie

Makes 2 Servings   Download Recipe Card


  • 1 Cup Juicy Ripe Peaches (peeled and sliced)
  • 1 Cup Peach Juice or Nectar (chilled)
  • 1/2 Cup Vanilla Yogurt (You can replace this with normal yogurt, 2tbsp sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence)
  • 4-5 Ice Cubes


In a blender, combine peaches, each juice, yogurt, and ice cubes and blend until mixture is smooth and frothy. Pour and serve.021


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