Eid Mubarak!

Eid MubarakEid Mubarak to all my readers across the globe.. It’s so awesome, that this year, almost all the countries (specially ALL of them, where I have family ) are celebrating Eid on the same day. It feels great, that even though we are all far from each other, we will celebrate this joyous occasion together.303

Eid is soo special for little girls.. their mehndi, choorian, chapals ,clothes and ofcourse Eidi. I remember getting my clothes and all accessories ready  (and on display) on Chand Raat.283

I would also make sure to get my mehndi done BEFORE dinner, so that I would not be able to eat food myself and my mum would feed me with her hands! (ALWAYS!).Eid1My Abbo always wanted us to be ready in our Eid clothes, when he returned from Eid ki Namaz and I would stand on the sofa (since I am kind of short, lol) to greet him Eid Mubarak and get my Eidi. I miss him and those times soo much!268

On a happier note, Eid Mubarak you guys! Have a blessed Eid with your friends and family.


3 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak!

  1. I too am happy that all countries got to celebrate it together this year 😀 Alhumdulilah. It was lovely to read all the little moments that make these days special for you and your family ❤ Loving your slippers; the little pompoms 🙂
    ~Eid Mubarak to the entire family! ❤


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