And I am BACK!

Hey everyone! I just got back yesterday from a month long holiday with family in Minnesota, USA.. The weather was lovely.. had some amazing time with 2 big family reunions (my family reunion and and in- laws family reunion), great food, fun family time and beautiful sceneries.

I was totally blown away by the beautiful skies… and I just clicked and clicked… will share the pics soon.. here are a few for starters.. One of the most beautiful sunset i have seen at a nearby park… Minnesota is the called the “Land of 10,000 lakes(although there are  about 12,000 lakes there.. )..there are lakes everywhere and its just gorgeous!!DSC_0787-2-2

Right now, the situation is that we are severely jet lagged, slept all day and woke up at 9pm.. ( of luck to us! ).

While we try to struggle with jet lag with kids and get our routines back to normal… enjoy the pictures..



Until then.. ciao..


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