Aik Khat… Aman Ke Naam…


nazam2Given the India- Pakistan situation right now, I thought of sharing yet another beautiful poetry by my husband.. Mohsin.

Though he is a patriotic Pakistani, he believes (like most of us do as well) in PEACE and NOT WAR! (If you missed his earlier poetry on the same topic, read here.)

There is a story behind this nazam too.. A true story…Some 20 years back… Mohsin met an Indian boy, named Aman at the Wagah Border. They instantly became friends, shaking hands across the gate.. (quite filmi..  🙂 ). When he came back home, he wrote a letter to him… which he believes, never reached Aman..

So here is Mohsin again.. giving words to his feelings..aman1aman2

And here is the Roman Urdu version, for people who CAN understand urdu but can’t read the urdu script..




Nothing good comes out of war, EVER!

P.S. I apologize to my readers, who don’t understand Urdu, but the poetry will get lost in translation…


2 thoughts on “Aik Khat… Aman Ke Naam…

  1. Wow, awesome write…. I too, believe in Peace rather than war…. War, violence, killing is not the solution to any problem. Ego only destroys, it doesn’t create….


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