Home Decor/Gift Idea: Bear And Bee Handmade Signs

bearandbeeAt my children’s school fair, I came across a lady who had a stall full of lovely wooden signs.. and I HAD to stop! She gave me her card and I knew I had to get in touch with her for her gorgeous products.

So, what exactly is Bear and Bee?? It’s actually a woman’s passion for her hobby, that the people in Qatar, are falling in love with. Bear and Bee was founded by Jasmin Leal Perez, a Spanish expat living in Qatar for over 4 years now. She is a teacher by profession and the artist behind Bear and Bee.

I love personalized/customized gifts and unfortunately there aren’t many choices here in Qatar. So Bear and Bee came as a breath of fresh air for me. Jasmin makes some amazing wooden signs.. Her products are handcrafted with finesse which clearly reflects in the quality of her products.

Image Credit – Bear and Bee

You can get personalized gifts made too.. and personalization is not just limited to wooden signs.. she makes really lovely personalized cups too!

Image Credit – Bear and Bee

Her products make perfect gifts for any occasion..  personalized signs for the baby’s nursery, Fathers days, Mothers day, birthdays, Christmas or gifts for the home.. the possibilities are endless!

Image Credit – Bear and Bee
Image Credit – Bear and Bee

Another very cute product of hers, is the personalized Time Out chair! Mums take note for your cheeky lil monkeys! (hehe)

Image Credit – Bear and Bee

Do u remember the post I did about the preserved plants? Yep, the Enchanted Rose one!  (read here if you missed that). So Bear and Bee and Tendances did some projects in collaboration and the results are stunning!!! Wooden sign with preserved ever green moss! How gorgeous is this!!!

Image Credit – Bear and Bee

Her talent is not just limited to these, she also designs beautiful logos. So if you are looking for someone to design your logo, look no further!

Image Credit – Bear and Bee

Jasmin@ Bear and Bee, has been very kind to sponsor the Giveaway for the Blog’s FIRST Birthday(Yes,  the blog is turning 1 soon!!!!). The contest will be announced very soon.. so stay tuned for that! (You don’t wanna miss the chance the win this one!)

You can follow Bear And Bee on Facebook:@BearAndBeeQatar or use the link below


P.S. If you want to feature your craft/business on my blog, get in touch with me!

Until next time…


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