Guess Who Just Turned ONE?


Last year, on this day I published my first post. One year has passed .. and I still can’t believe it!

My first ever post was .. Karachi Se Doha, A (not so) quick glance at my life… , you MUST read it if you missed it!


And there has been NO looking back ever since!

It may sound cliche, but it seems like yesterday when I (very reluctantly) wrote my first post.. my personal story.. not knowing what to expect at all.. but the response I got was so overwhelming!! I hardly slept that night.. reading the feedback and literally, giggling with excitement!

Trust me and I am not exaggerating at all, when I say that I have had the BEST year! This has to be one of most satisfying, gratifying and fulfilling years of my life!

Though I have not made any money out of this blogging ,unlike my professional career (that paid pretty well), yet I feel much more happier from within. The joy that I feel when someone tries one of my recipes and sends me a message saying how their family loved it.. a paycheck has never given me that!

What I have gained in this this one year,

  • I have written about 170 Posts,
  • have had about 70K+ Views on my blog,
  • have about 5K+ Followers and
  • have received lots and lots of Love and Prayers..
  • and much much more!

Thank you everyone who made this possible.. Thank you for taking the time out to read, like and comment on my blog!

I owe all this success and happiness to my readers and my family!

Love you all!

P.S. Stay tuned for the Birthday Giveaway to be announced soon!


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