Movie Review: DEAR ZINDAGI

So we HAD to watch the movie today, not only because I am a HUGE Shahrukh Khan Fan ( I have had a lot of disappointments in the past *sigh*)… but because the movie trailers looked quite interesting. I was hoping for a different type of a Hindi movie .. different than the normal main stream Bollywood movies, and I am so glad that I was NOT disappointed.

Firstly, if you are going to watch this movie because you ‘think’ its a SRK movie.. so let me correct you, its NOT! It’s an ALIA BHATT movie (all the way!) and she was ABSOLUTELY amazing with her acting through out! Never disappointed once, in any scene. You might go to the theatre because of SRK, but you will stay there for Alia Bhatt! I was happy to see SRK playing his age, looking nice (with the beard) and performed well like always.the-new-still-of-alia-bhatt-from-dear-zindagi-will-make-you-want-to-embrace-life-with-open-arms-201611-835333

Secondly, if you are going to watch this movie expecting a romantic comedy with the regular singing and dancing.. then you are WRONG again! (A few people left the theatre half way into the movie).Although the movie is entertaining with some smart one liner jokes, it has a lot of serious dialogues.. a lot of thought provoking content.. It’s the kind of movie that will resonate, at some level or the other, with your own emotions (at least, it did with me!)dearzindagitake2

Now a brief synopsis without giving the story away.. Kaira (Alia Bhatt) is a cinematographer who has the fear of commitment in any romantic relationship. Dr Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), is a therapist, who helps her find and put together, the puzzle pieces of her life.dc-cover-r57pnth2i294dbkevroukaabh2-20161024123420-medi

Though I enjoyed the whole movie, here is a list of stuff that I really loved about it!

The Mental Health Taboo

The first thing that struck a cord with me and I knew I had to write about this movie was Shahrukh Khan’s entry scene, where he talks about the stigma associated with mental health in our society. How it is considered okay to see a doctor for a physical disorder, but going to a doctor for mental/emotional issues is still deemed a taboo.

Everyone adds to this taboo, even the patient him/herself. The person who is suffering is not ready to accept that there is a problem and that they need help…. (“I am not a mental case! Am I?”). Then comes the family.. of course they don’t want anyone to ‘find out’ that their loved one is seeing a Psychologist, because ‘Log kia sochein gain”.. and in the movie SRK even jokes about how his family didn’t want people to know he was a shrink!

Mental/Emotional Disorders Are Often Linked To Childhood Issues

Childhood is the most crucial time in the emotional development of a person. The movie highlighted the importance of how many emotional behaviors that we have as an adult, are linked to our childhood. While the movie creates this awareness for parents, it also urges the children (who have had disturbed childhoods and carry resentments in their hearts..) to see that their parents are regular human beings too.. and like every human being.. they can make mistakes too!

Don’t Let Your Past Blackmail Your Present To Ruin A Beautiful Future

I LOVED this dialogue! Sums it up all so beautifully! It is vital to face your fears , tackle  them and let go of them! And its okay to get help from a professional to overcome your fears.

The Perfect Soul Mate – Myth or Reality

In a scene Kaira asks Dr. Khan,

If there was such a thing like a perfect relationship.. one soul mate?

to which he responds..

Why just ONE soul mate..

  • you can have a perfect Coffee soul mate with whom you enjoy having coffee,
  • you can have a perfect Gossip soul mate with whom you share the day’s gossip,
  • you can have a Musical soul mate with whom you share and enjoy the same taste in music..
  • you can have an Intellectual soul mate, with whom your intellect level matches and you can discuss ideas and thoughts easily..
  • you can have a romantic soul mate, with whom you share a romantic relationship.

Why put the burden of so many emotions on ONE relationship!

This couldn’t not have been said any better! And this is the MAJOR problem that new couples face. They want to find that ‘perfect’ soul mate in that ONE person! And that is the BIGGEST MYTH busted right there!

My Verdict: ‘Dear Zindagi’ is a movie that will make you do some soul searching.. in a fun, quirky setting… good music.. brilliant performance by Alia Bhatt and some guest appearances. I enjoy such topics and hence enjoyed the movie. The movie made me laugh a little, cry a little and also do lot of self analysis, examination and reflecting. It is indeed a well written letter to life.dear-zindagi-take-2-look-poster-teaser




4 thoughts on “Movie Review: DEAR ZINDAGI

  1. Aadarsh

    I started looking for what was said in the “perfect soulmate” scene and ended on your blog post. “Why put the burden of so many emotions on ONE relationship!”. It changed my perspective.


  2. moneysavvymuslim

    It was a good time pass movie, and though it touched on the topic of mental health, which is HUGE for Bollywood, what I would like to see is more movies and real change on this topic. It’s sad that the Eastern world is only now catching up with the fact that it’s OK to talk about Mental Health instead of ignoring it.

    But, still a step in the right direction!


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