Let’s Go Shopping In Karachi – Part 1

Picture taken @ Bohri Bazar, Saddar Karachi.

When we start planning a trip to Karachi, I start making my To-Do List, which basically consists of the list of things that we don’t get here – to shop and to eat! (precisely – lol!)

The day we land, I get this urge to hit the mall (usually Dolmen Mall, because of its proximity to home and the fact that you get almost everything in one place) and see what’s the shopping scene is like. Khaadi, Generation, Sapphire , Sana and Safinaz , Sheep and what not…shopping in Karachi is just Aaah-mazing!

But this time around, I discovered a few hidden gems of the Karachi shopping scene.. and trust me they are worth knowing (ladies, you can thank me later.. ).  So in this Part 1, I will tell you about 2 of my new discoveries, which involves shoes and jewelry.. so lets get to business!

1.Khussas and Kolhapuris

This doesn’t qualify as a ‘new’ discovery as I have been buying my khussas from this shop for years, but definitely a hidden gem! Last year I got the very popular “Truck Art” khussas from there and got a lot of queries on where to buy them in Karachi. So if you are looking for those.. look no further. They are the best quality and the most reasonably priced ones you can get (and he gives you a discount as well, if you ask him nicely :))

Image credit – Khussa mart.

Khussa Mart is located in Uzma Center near Teen Talwar (close to Agha’s Super Market).  Although there are a couple of more Khussa shops in Uzma center, I go directly to Khussa Mart, because of their quality and fair price.


Since I got the Truck Art ones last time, I just got the plain ones for myself. They were available in such vibrant colors, I immediately grabbed a couple of them. And got a few truck art ones for my daughter and as gifts for friends and family.

Price Range: 650 PKR  – 1500 PKR / Pair (whereas another shopkeeper in the same shopping center quoted me a price of PKR 1000 for the ones I got from Khussa Mart for PKR 650!!!)

My daughter’s khussas and the adorable truck art Kohlapuri for my toddler niece.

Check out their FaceBook Page for details.

2. German Silver, Silver & Gold Jewellery

This was an accidental find by my husband (Lol- and he never accompanies me to markets and bazars in Karachi)!We were on our way back from an Art Exhibition and passing by Do Talwar, I asked him to stop at Plaza Shopping Center. It was just meant to be a quick trip to pick up a matching fabric for a jora. As me and my sister stepped out of the fabric shop , we found him standing and talking to the shopkeeper of a small stall-like jewelry store.jewel3 He stopped there because he got intrigued by a man doing some intricate work on a ring (with the design of Mohar-e-Rasool) that I recently bought from an exhibition in Doha. That exact same ring was there and I nearly fainted (with regret) when he told me the price of it. I immediately bought the matching pendant with it for PKR 800( Yes!!! I am NOT kidding!)jewel2That obviously got me excited (read VERY!!). He had some amazing calligraphic pieces and I absolutely LOVE them! I got these two pendants (one for me and one for my sister), for about PKR 1000 each.jewel1Then I saw another ring that caught my eye, another calligraphic one with the whole Kalma written on the band -again for about PKR 1000 (by this time I was flipping with excitement!)dsc_0041The owner of the store, Irfan Sahab was there himself and he told me that he supplies to about 30-35 ladies, who take them abroad and sell them there. He (and I ) did understand that there are travel costs and all associated with taking it abroad and selling it there but if you are in Karachi, go visit him directly!  I promised him that I am going to write about his craft, so more people would come to him.


I bought 3 pendants, a band and a simple chain from them for no more than PKR 5000 (still less than what I paid for that one ring!). Irfan sahab was so sweet and kind that he gave an ‘Allah’ pendant to my daughter as a gift.

So ladies, go to his Facebook page and have a look at Gold Collection Jewelers

A true hidden ‘gem’ of Karachi Shopping scene! 

You are welcome, girls! 😀

Click HERE for Part 2



13 thoughts on “Let’s Go Shopping In Karachi – Part 1

  1. tasnav

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    A lot people try to hide info about where they get stuff etc., but you have so open heartedly put it all out there! 🙂

    So God bless you because not only do we now know where to get nice stuff, you are also promoting these talented people who may have otherwise been left undiscovered. Everybody wins!☺️


  2. Mnm

    Although I don’t go to pakistan, reading this makes me want to go just for shopping..it’s always exciting to find good deals..thanks for sharing


  3. Hiba

    This was great! I recently went to Pakistan after 20 years and I must say the shopping there is so fun! Such beauftul colors and styles. Will definitely go to these shops in my next visit. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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