Let’t Go Shopping in Karachi – Part 2


I know you guys have been looking forward to this, since I published the Part 1 of this series (If you missed that you should definitely check that out!). Part 1 was all about shoes and jewelry, whereas the part 2 is more about the home..

Saad Pirzada Design Studios

I came to know about Saad Pirzada Design Studios, when my friend (who happens to be Saad’s elder brother) shared a few pictures of his work back in 2015. Saad had launched an Independence Day series of coffee tables.

Image Credit – SPDS

I fell in love instantly! It was more like a ‘Love at first sight’ sort of a situation. I showed the pics to my husband and he was on board in a heart beat!(which btw hardly ever happens.. there is a lot of no.. yes.. may be..) We needed to have one of these tables in our lives and bring it to our home in Doha. And so we placed an order online and he delivered it to our home in Karachi (which we finally brought it to doha last year -if I remember correctly it costed us PKR 18,000)dsc_0033-2Now it sits in the centre of our living room and there has been no single person(EVER!) who has stepped in our home and not appreciated this unique table.cointable1The table is made from reclaimed wood and sits on top of a metal frame. My husband loved it so much, he custom ordered one for his office.. a 50 Dirham Qatari coin. It now sits proudly in the middle of his office.cointable2
Am currently drooling over his 2016 collection, and still trying to figure out a place in my tiny apartment to accommodate one of these silhouettes of my city!

Image Credit – SPDS

Check out his work on his Facebook page for more details.


I cam across Pith through their Facebook page sometime last year and had bookmarked it for my next trip to Karachi. Pith has a range of products from funky furniture, accessories for the home and for us 🙂pith1Located in Bukhari Commercial area, Pith is certainly a hidden treasure! When we reached there, I was so confused for choices.. such funky, quirky stuff.. stuff with the essence of Pakistan.pith2You are certainly spoiled for choices as to what to choose from .. the lovely wooden hand painted trays or the trays with beautiful photographs of Pakistan, supercool cushions or unique ceramic pieces, kurtas and bags.. or just unconventional furniture pieces!dsc_0301

I did quite a bit of crazy shopping there – for gifts and myself! 🙂 There was a sale on when I went and the kurtas and tops were for about PKR 2000 and cushions and trays for about PKR 1700 each.

Image credit – Pith

How cool are these chairs, with photographs of Saddar on it! (if only I had a bigger home and space to keep those!)16121602_10158079006400635_696579454_o

The photographer(read wanna be photographer) in me, couldn’t resist this kurta along with a lot of other stuff too!pith

I also ended up buying the tray with the picture of Kemari on it along with this truck art cushion for my bed.. and I absolutely love the pop of color it brings to my white bedding.

I have something VERY EXCITING with Pith that I can’t wait to share with you guys.. but you’ll need to wait a bit more for that!

Check out their Facebook page, if you haven’t already! 😀

Disclaimer: These are NOT paid advertisements. I love their stuff and hence just sharing with all of you what I shopped and where. As I tell my kids all the time..

Sharing is Caring…


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