The Sights & Sounds Of Karachi

the-sights-sounds-of-2“Keep your Iphone inside your bag!”

“Are you going to take your camera in that area.. its not very safe, you know? ” 

Statements like these plus my own experiences while growing up in Karachi which caused my love-hate relationship with my city (read my post here  if you don’t know what I am talking about) have always plagued me with fear, in the city where I grew up and call my own.

But this time, my visit to Karachi liberated me of such fears (Thank God for the better circumstances and stability in the city). This was the first time that I actually used my camera to capture the sights and sounds of my city – outside my comfort zone. We also went on a Super Savari Express trip (check the post here if you missed it) across the old city of Karachi along with other places that brings all sorts of nostalgia and memories back. Basically, wherever I went.. I had my camera with me.. and it felt great that I was oblivious of the fear that someone would come and snatch my camera.

So here is a photo journey through Karachi with the fearless new me! Enjoy the album!


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