Gift Idea: Meet The Ommi Dolls Family!

Ommi Cover
Image credit – Ommi Qatar

This weekend, I got my hands on the adorable handmade dolls by OMMI Qatar.  I instantly fell in love with them, the first time I saw them at a Doha Mums Market. These loveable and adorable dolls are handmade here in Qatar and are inspired by the Qatari culture.

Two graphic designer friends Marta Lourenço and Paulo Meunier Viana, came up with the idea of making fabric dolls that not only appeals to the kids but have also become very popular as souvenirs from Qatar.

Marta and Paulo with their Ommi creations around Qatar – Image credit – Ommi, Qatar

Though the two friends (and now business partners) are both graphic designers by profession, they didn’t have a clue on how to sew these dolls. But that didn’t stop them – they learned how to sew, started the business and proved their own fears wrong! In fact, they are both an inspiration for people who find such challenges as handicaps in chasing their dreams.

When there is a will, there is a way...
Image Credit – Ommi, Qatar

There are more than 40 different designs and 5 different sizes of dolls to choose from. Their product range, not only comprises of the dolls but they also have some adorable wall hangings, totes, mugs and notebooks. The prices of the dolls start from QAR 55 onwards.


Behind the Scenes Of Ommi, Qatar

Since I was so intrigued by the process of making these lovable and sweet dolls, Marta was kind enough to give me a peak through the whole process.

  1. First, they design the Qatar inspired characters. They have about 40 plus designs now and you are certainly spoilt for choice! (And I bet you will be as confused as I was, trying to pick your favourite design!)DSC_0025
  2. Once happy with the design, it is sent for printing. They are very particular about the fabric selection and the quality of the printing. (And the quality IS amazing!)DSC_0015
  3. Followed by the printing, these dolls are then carefully (and very neatly) stitched in-house by themselves!DSC_0030
  4. And then the final stuffing which completes the look of these cuddly dolls.DSC_0019

I personally love handmade stuff! The makers pour their time, energy, and their soul into what they’re doing because they can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s their passion and I love that passion in people. So I brought the whole

So I brought the whole Ommi version of the Rizvi Family home! And it was the most difficult task to choose the dolls as you are totally spoilt for choices.

Meet the Ommi Rizvi Family

My kids loved the dolls and they have been cuddling and sleeping with their Ommi dolls ever since they came home. Not only are they super adorable, but the quality is GREAT too!!

The Rizvi Family!

Everyone who lives/has lived in Qatar/ Middle-East, SHOULD have these dolls! I cannot recommend them enough!

Our Family’s Ommi Version

Buying handmade items is a WIN-WIN situation for you and the maker. You enrich your life and home with beautiful handmade goods, and you enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams!

I have a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY coming up soon on the blog with OMMI, Qatar – So stay tuned!

How To Get In Touch With Ommi Qatar

Facebook: @ommiqatar


Instagram: @ommiqatar

Watch out for the Giveaway announcement coming up soon!

Until next time!


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