Food Review – Pistachio’s Breakfast Menu

PistachiReviewCoverThere is a story behind this review and how it all happened and of course, I will tell you guys! (LOL!)

My cousin, who lives close to Pistachio’s Resturant, tried their breakfast one weekend and that caused an exchange of a LOT of messages on our Doha-Cousins Whatsapp group. She kept on going about how AMAZING the breakfast was, how the Omelette reminded her of her mum and that ALL of us need to make a plan to have breakfast there ASAP!

The Omelette that got my cousin emotional and all teary because it reminded her of her mum! LOL

A little background on my maternal side of the family (in case you are thinking why all the commotion on the group) – We come from a family where the conversation at the breakfast table is “What will we have for Lunch?” and while having lunch we discuss the “Dinner Menu”! But we don’t stop there – every meal is followed by a “critical analysis” of the food and a “brutal dissection” of the cooking skills! (We are a very difficult bunch of people to please and I totally freak out when cooking for my uncles!) – True Story!

We made the plan and we all went together one fine Friday morning. We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast and I told Rizwana (the owner of Pistachio’s) that it was superb! The conversation then led to my blog and food reviews and I offered her to do a food review(I loved their breakfast so much!). She then invited me and my foodie bunch to a breakfast review. I am usually a little hesitant when it comes to food reviews because I find it difficult to be fair to the business (who invites me) and MOST importantly to my readers (I only write about it if I REALLY like it!). With this review invite, I knew I could do complete justice to both!

Pistachio’s is a fairly new Pakistani restaurant that opened its doors to Dohaites about a year ago. Rizwana Abdul Sattar had no experience of running a business before but seeing the HUGE gap in the Doha market for a decent family friendly Pakistani restaurant, started Pistachio’s and has been running it successfully with the support of her husband. Pistachio7Pistachio’s is definitely a hidden gem in Doha for desi food lovers, especially when it comes to their breakfast menu! The restaurant is in the Asian Town near Industrial Area and is quite a nice sized restaurant with decent seating for families.

The interiors

So let’s talk about FOOD now!



My cousin was absolutely right! Their Omelette-Paratha is a deadly combo – a MUST try! I have it every time I go now. While the Omelette has the homemade feel, the paratha will remind you of the Pathan ka dhabba!Pistachio5 The Parathas are sooooo sooooo good!!! Crisp, non-greasy, full of layers yet non-stretchy, khasta (as we call it in Urdu). Hands down – they are the BEST Parathas I have had in Doha! An absolute MUST!

Just look at that Paratha!


The other thing that I really enjoyed was their Nihari! I am a huge Nihari fan and very very picky about it too! I couldn’t find decent Nihari in Doha, so I started making my own. But this Nihari reminded me of the authentic Nihari taste of Karachi. Pistachio6First I had it with the Naan, but then I ditched the naan for the Paratha and Nihari combo! And by the end of the breakfast, ALL of this Nihari was gone!

I am drooling as I write this post!


Their Halwa- Puri Nashta is great too. It’s a Combo that comes with 2 Puri, Halwa, Channay (with Aaloo Bhaji mixed in -YES!) and Achar. The puris are crisp and not soaking in oil!


My husband loves Aaloo ke Parathay, and he really enjoyed Pistachio’s Aaloo ke Parathay which were served with Achar. The Parathas were crisp, non-greasy and the filling was yum!

Aaloo Ke Parathay

While my husband enjoyed those, my 5-year-old worked on the Chicken Paratha. The chef really knows his Paratha making well!

And NO, that’s not my five year old’s hand 😀


We had all this food with the yummiest Sweet Lassi, a taste that will remind you of Pakistan-  I can bet! No matter how full you are, it’s definitely another MUST!

The yummy Lassi


After the Lassi, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and wanted to go back to sleep!(which I did when I got back home! lol). I was stuffed! But their Doodh Patti (Karak) is NOT TO BE MISSED! Again, the authentic taste of the Dhabbay ki Chai! 

That did wake me up a little… but not for long! lol

The Breakfast menu is only available on the weekend from around 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Writing this post just made me realise how badly I need to go back! It’s quite far for us but totally worth the drive. Plus there is absolutely NO traffic on the weekend mornings, anyways! I know ladies, it’s a lot of calories, but totally worth hitting the Gym for some extra workout sessions! (and you can definitely blame me for those extra calories! :D)

So, who’s coming this weekend? I’ll most probably be there too! LOL

Here is their BREAKFAST MENU, in case you want to know what else they serve.PistachioBreakfastMenu


I was a guest at the restaurant but the opinions, LOVE and pictures are very much my own! The portion size may vary as these were for sampling.  I am often found there on the weekend mornings! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Food Review – Pistachio’s Breakfast Menu

  1. This post totally reminded me of my ‘ghar ka nashtaa’ back home in Lahore. Aaloo and chicken waylay parathay, nihari with naan, halwa poori, and omelette paratha! And how can I not mention the meethi lassi and doodh patti! Thanks for bringing back A LOT of memories! I miss my mum now 😥

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