Food Review – Bar-B-Q Tonight Dubai

I don't think there is any Pakistani who doesn't know Bar-B-Q Tonight (If you don't.. read on and you will now know what you have been missing in life!). Bar-B-Q tonight has a name and reputation in high-quality desi food and it has maintained that over the years. There is now a Bar-B-Tonight in Dubai (and …

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Me & My Nanny’s Night Out At Max’s Restaurant

Last week, I got an invite for a new menu tasting at a Filpino restaurant called Max's Restaurant. Very frankly, I had never heard the name or even for that matter, ever tasted Filpino food. My only connection to Philipines is through our nanny Connie, who has been with us ever since my third child was …

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Food Review – Pistachio’s Breakfast Menu

There is a story behind this review and how it all happened and of course, I will tell you guys! (LOL!) My cousin, who lives close to Pistachio's Resturant, tried their breakfast one weekend and that caused an exchange of a LOT of messages on our Doha-Cousins Whatsapp group. She kept on going about how …

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