Gift Idea: 40th Birthday Gifts for Him


My husband recently turned 40 and I threw him a party (incase you missed the party details, you can read all about it HERE). He got some amazing personalized gifts and I just had to blog about them!

DSC_0210What we both absolutely LOVED and couldn’t stop admiring (and laughing), was a personalized special 40th Edition Chardonnay (NON -ALCOHOLIC , if you are wondering!). A friend of ours (who just turned turned 40 this year), designed these AWESOME personalized labels himself! Apparently, it was a gift to celebrate Mohsin joining their ‘Naughty At Forty’ club! (lol)


This is definitely a collector’s item! I just LOVE such personalized gifts! So much love, thought and effort goes into these personalized gifts and that is what makes the gifts absolutely Priceless! No matter where we go, this will always remind us of our friends in Doha and his BIG 40 Milestone!

Another gift that he got was a wonderful personalized shirt! He absolutely LOVED it and wears it with a bit of pride! 🙂 Again, a keeper for life! DSC_0224

Do you have any other ideas for a guy’s Milestone birthday? Share your ideas, I wanna hear all about them!

Until next time!


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