40th Birthday Party For a Desi Guy!

40THBirthdayPartyThis week, my husband turned 40 (MashaAllah) and I decided to throw him a party for his BIG 40th. Not only did we celebrate Mohsin’s 40th, we also celebrated our daughter’s Roza Khushai (she kept her first roza this Ramzan) along with our friend’s daughter’s birthday who turned seven the same day! So it was a day of celebrations for us!

I collaborated with the very talented Annie, from Once Upon a Party Doha. You are probably thinking that I am the DIY type myself, why would I get a professional to do my party planning?! To be honest, it was the first time ever for me and being a complete control freak, it wasn’t easy for me to let go. But I am so so glad I did!

Annie is a very talented party planner with aesthetics and sensibilities that resonated with my own style of doing things. Going through her Instagram feed, I instantly knew I could work with her! I absolutely fell in love with some of the parties she has done and the very unique party favors! (You gotta check out the pirate party she did! It looked Ahmazing!). Not only does she have a knack for this stuff, she does absolutely gorgeous floral arrangements!

Annie was super easy and flexible to work with. We discussed what I had in mind while she shared her ideas. One meeting and we were sorted!  The best part about working with her was that she totally understood me – like instantly! She knew what I was talking about, and it was an absolute breeze and a pleasure to work with her!

I am super excited to share the details of this fun party we pulled off together!

The Cake(s)

Coming up for a cake for my husband was not very challenging. I combined everything he loves and is all about –  he is a very patriotic Pakistani, an Urdu poet who loves everything desi – from his choice of food to books to his clothing(which is a classic black Sherwani with his Jinnah cap!). Some people recognize him as the ‘Guy in Sherwani’, while my brother calls him ‘Mohsin Ali Jinnah’ 🙂

So here is what I did for the cake – the bottom tier had landmarks from Karachi and Doha Skyline, while the upper tier was a Sherwani. I made some gum paste version of his favorite books and used them as accents for his cake.

The Gum Paste books




For the girls, I made a simple floral cake with some sugar flowers on top and a vintage frame with their initials on it. I bought the ready made sugar flowers at Caramel Doha, and that saved me the hassle of making them myself (which btw, I can do myself as well… just saying 🙂 I used to run a cake buisness with my bff, read that story HERE)GirlsCakesDSC_0392The cake toppers for all the three cakes were handmade by Once Upon a Party Doha, and were so gorgeous! They were literally the ‘cherry on top’ of these cakes! DSC_0344


The Decor

Once Upon a Party Doha took care of all the decor for the party. From the gorgeous cake table, the backdrop for the cake table and photo booth, the food labels, the beautiful centrepieces to the table setting for the kids! She took care of everything and it looked wonderful! I’ll let the pictures do the talking here..

IMG_2979 (2)
The beautiful cake table setup by Once Upon a Party Doha.
IMG_2978 (2)
The setup
My daughter’s cake on the gorgeous cake table



IMG_2983 (2)
The Kids Table Setting
The decor and the food labels
The stunning centrepieces

The PhotoBooth

For the photo booth, I kept some fun speech bubbles with a few dress up props including a traditional dupatta for the ladies and a mannequin wearing Mohsin’s extra Sherwani and Jinnah Cap for the guys! And needless to say, we had a blast at the booth followed by fits of laughter!PhotoboothI think this was the most fun we had at a photo booth recently! Here are some of the crazy moments! IMG_3114

My friend @anitrovertedblogger having some fun!


Lol.. how he wishes to see me like this everyday!



I can’t stop laughing looking at these pictures!


I am so glad that everything turned out so well and we were able to celebrate and have some fun with our family and friends in Doha.

Here are the details of the services I used for this event:

Event Decor and Planning: Once Upon a Party Doha (They specialize in theme party supplies, made 100% to order based on your theme or requirements)

Insta: @onceuponapartydoha Fb: www.facebook.com/onceuponapartydoha

Event Photography: TM Photography and Films

Insta: @tmqtar Fb: www.facebook.com/Tahirmehmood

Cake Supplies: Caramel 

Insta: @carameldoha Fb:  www.facebook.com/CaramelDoha



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