Before I write the review, let me start by telling you (if you already didn’t know) that I am a die hard Shahrukh Khan fan and even that wasn’t enough to get me through this drag of a movie! I had read bad reviews but yet I went to see the movie because its SRK and Imtiaz Ali together!

I was really looking forward to this movie, not only because of SRK but because I really enjoyed some of Imtiaz Ali’s movies like Highway, Tamasha and of course Jab We Met. The trailers looked promising with the beautiful visuals, Anuskha Sharma (and her Gujrati accent) and of course Shahrukh Khan (with his beard and all suggesting he was acting his age). I was hoping for something different and classy from Imtiaz Ali but I hate to admit that I was looking at my watch throughout the movie, wanting it to either get better or end soon!

Harry (SRK) plays a Tour Guide in Europe, who is originally from a small village in Punjab and fled to Canada with a dream of becoming a singer. Not only is he a failure but he is a womanizer (“supposedly”, and he has to say it again and again but yet is unable to convince). During the movie, they keep showing flash backs from his past, and you think that there MUST be something much more than what it turns out to be!

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Sejal (Anushka) is a Gujrati girl from a well established family in Mumbai, India, who was on a Europe tour with her family (with Harry as their tour guide). That is where her fiancé, Rupen proposed her with his family ring that she lost and to prove that she isn’t careless and that relationship means the world to her, decides to find that ring back (Seriously, finding a diamond ring after a month long tour at Tourist spots??)

She pushes Harry to help her find that ring and it just gets sillier and sillier, to the point that it got too difficult to digest what was happening! Though she is trying to prove what the engagement means to her, yet tries to flirt around with Harry in one scene and ridicule him in the other, looks for his validation on how sexy he thinks she is and if he thinks she is ‘worthy’ of being laid!?!(WHATT?????!!! Are you kidding me?) For the sake of argument, even if you assume that they were trying to show that she was a silly and spoilt rich girl, you can’t help but wonder, why the hell was her family letting her be by herself on a mission, which to ANY sane person would seem IMPOSSIBLE!

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The two songs ‘Hawayein‘ and ‘Radha‘ which had made my hopes high for the movie came and went by…. like all other songs.. inconsequential and totally non situational!

There were a few moments where you see SRK trying to do his magic (and failing miserably – I am heartbroken!), a lil bit of comedy but I didn’t feel any connection or chemistry between the two lead actors. The movie was just not knitted well together and kept on falling apart.

Image Credit – Red Chillies

My Verdict

I wish Harry Never Met Sejal and caused this torture to us!

This movie is an example of how a strong cast, a good director, good songs, beautiful locations and visuals CANNOT save a film, if the characters are NON CONVINCING, screen play is ABRUPT and story is MISSING! I came out of the theatre heart broken! As a fan, I am super disappointed in Imtiaz Ali and Shahrukh Khan!

Shahrukh Khan needs to stop doing this to his fans.. he needs to act his age and let us re-live his romantic self through his old movies.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: JAB HARRY MET SEJAL

  1. Nice Review. I watch this movie. It’s a Fresh Romance with Sizzling Chemistry. SRK and Anushka deliver great performances. The chemistry, locations, songs make it a perfect romantic film. If you wanted to read the movie review of Harry Met Sejal in Hindi go to Bollywood Hungama Hindi.


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