Movie Review: SIMRAN


Confession: I went to watch the movie because of Kangana Ranaut and if that’s the reason for you, you will enjoy the movie and her superb performance! Kangana is not just a great actress but I love her brave stance at basically everything! From when people used to mock her accent to the controversies around her personal life, or against the sexism in the film industry! She is one hell of a woman! If you haven’t watched her recent video- You must! Everything about the song is brilliant – the only problem is that I keep humming it all the time now! (trying very hard not to sing it in front of my kids! LOL)

In the movie Simran, Kangana plays the character of a 30 year old Gujrati divorcee who lives in Atlanta, USA and works in the housekeeping department of a hotel. She lives with her parents, who constantly taunt her about being a failure in life and everything she does. And hence she is saving up to buy a place of her own and move out. She is an independent woman who is not afraid to make mistakes and proudly owns all the blunders she has made in life. But a series of events leads her to enter the world of crime. It is based on a true story of a female bandit in US. Simran

Kangana’s performance in Simran is top notch- as usual. Though a lot has been said that the character she play seems confused etc. etc.  However, in my opinion the characterization is brilliant! She is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ – she is REAL! An undaunted soul who lives by her own rules. She is someone who keeps on making mistakes in life without any regrets and doesn’t learn anything from them either! simran-movie-review-cover-98

My Verdict: Thought at times the movie reminded me of Queen, sometimes things seem way too easy to be real, it’s still a good movie which mainly rests on Kangana’s shoulders. I think the desis living abroad would relate to the desi antics shown in this movie, more than the audience in India.  For me, it was a 3.5/5.


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