How To Select The Right Paint Color For Your Home – The Easy Way!

PaintSelection-The Easy WayPainting a room is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to give a room a breath of fresh air. But taking that leap is something that scares a lot of people – including me.

I am all nerves every single time I want to a paint a wall in a different color. And the dilemma starts with..

  1. Which wall to color?
  2. What color?
  3. Once you know the color, there are hundreds of shades of that color available at the paint store! Now what????
  4. And then you have to do the hardest part.. imagine how a color will look on a wall from a tiny swatch of color! It’s definitely one of the hardest things to do!

Selecting A Color

I am no interior designer or an artist, who would know the intricacies of the color wheel and what colors compliment each other etc. I just get inspired and do what pleases my eyes. And as for many people, Pinterest is my best friend for inspirations! (I absolutely LOVE the app!)

This time, the two colors that I loved while browsing Pinterest were Navy Blue and Emerald Green.. I fell in LOVE with these 2 colors!

My inspiration for wall colors!

I told my husband about it and he freaked out as I have never done any dark shades on our walls EVER! I used the patriotic angle (Pakistani flag is green and white) to convince him on the dark green wall for the living room and it worked! (lol!) The Navy blue wall just followed suit 🙂 We selected the Green for the living room and the Navy for a gallery wall (which is still work in progress).

Visit To The Paint Shop

This was my first ever visit to a paint shop. So we went there with these pictures hoping that the sales guy would guide us about which shade of paint we should get to achieve this look on the wall. But he was as clueless as we were and gave us the catalogue which had pages and pages of shades of one color.

It’s so confusing!

The Game Changer In Paint Selection

While I was getting confused and comparing these shades to the pictures (an impossible task!), my husband downloaded an app from Jotun Paints, which actually made it SUPER easy to pick the right color! Its called Jotun Color Match.

You upload the picture (your color inspiration) and simply tap on the color you want. The app gives you 5 colors that would be closest to the color in the picture. Of course, it is not 100% accurate because it depends on the lights and shadows in the picture, but it narrows the selection (aka confusion) down from hundreds of shades to just 5! ColorMatchAnd that’s how we made the decision!

Don’t Panic After The First Coat!

Oh Well, I did! I panicked when the painter (yes, we are spoilt in this part of the world) painted the first coat of green! The wall looked like Hulk! I sent this picture immediately to my husband (who btw was at work and most probably in a meeting) and he told me to calm down! I took a deep breath….(lol!)IMG_8217

Dark Colors Need More Coats Of Paint Application

The painter told me to relax as dark shades require a number of coats and that it will look just fine. This was after about 2 coats of paint.

IMG_8218So I tried.. anxiously to stay calm! (if that makes any sense!). Pacing in between the green wall and the blue wall and after 5 coats of application of the paint, the walls finally looked EXACTLY how I wanted them!Wall Paint

I am super happy with how both the walls turned out!

The gallery wall

The living room in our new home is finally complete and I can’t wait to show you guys how it looks now! So stay tuned for the BIG reveal  – coming soon!

Sneak peak of the living room

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