Last night we finally went to watch the movie “Secret Super Star”, that I had been waiting for. The movie has been well received but I had seen some bad reviews too (and after watching the movie, it makes me question what DO people expect out of a Bollywood movie!?).

Aamir Khan does it AGAIN! Needless to say, Aamir Khan movies are always brilliant be it Taare Zameen Pe or Dangal – his movies are always well made with a strong message on social issues. Secret SuperStar is another such brilliant movie, which highlights the social issues of female infanticide and domestic violence in a subtle way, without becoming too preachy about it.1508326443_secret-superstarThe movie is a story of a girl Insia, who belongs to a conservative family where her mother is subjected to domestic violence and there is a clear preference of a boy child over the girl. She is a very talented singer and dreams of becoming a singing sensation despite of her circumstances. Her domestic situation does not hinder her from dreaming big. The actress Zaria Wasim, who plays Insia gives an ABSOLUTELY remarkable performance and in spite of Aamir Khan’s presence in the movie, is definitely the Super Star of the movie!613197-secret-superstar-picAamir Khan plays the role of an eccentric music director Shakti Kumar, and nails it – as always. His slapstick humor, horrendous dressing and great acting – without trying to over shadow the main hero of the film (Insia) is impressive! He brings the comic angle to an intense emotional movie.



The movie  pays ode to motherhood, the unconditional and unmatched love of a mother towards her children. It is heartwarming to see the relationship of a mother and her teenage daughter portrayed so beautifully on screen.

Secret-Superstar-Mom-love-pNot only Zaria and Amir Khan are amazing, but the performances of the entire cast of the movie are just flawless!


My Verdict:

A MUST watch for all the Bollywood fans. I don’t think any movie this year , has left me so touched and speechless. An inspiring movie, with a subtle social message, brilliant performances and striking the right emotional cords. I would rate it as 4.8/5  – definitely one of my favorite Bollywood movies of all time!

Caution: Take lots of tissues with you and ladies, consider wearing water proof makeup or no eye makeup at all! You might miss your mom terribly, if you are watching the movie without her! Ammiiiiii, I miss you xx.







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