5 Dollar Store + Last Minute + DIY Halloween Party Ideas

HalloweenMy friend(who also happens to be my neighbor) was hosting a kids play date during the half term holidays and had invited us over. A day before the actual play date we realized that the play date is falling on the same day as Halloween. So, we three friends(and neighbors! how cool is that!), decided to put together some decor for halloween and asked the other mums to let the kids dress up in their favorite costumes.

Living in Doha, we don’t get themed party supplies very easily (either they are not available and if they are, they cost an arm and a leg!). So we ended up in Ronaq (our local and very cheap craft supply store) and picked up some orange paper roll, some orange fuzzy sticks, orange balloons and some orange bags (Total cost 25 QAR = 7 USD). I already had some googly eyes and black paper at home in my craft box.

So after putting the kids to bed, the three of us worked on some ideas and this is what we were able to pull off in less than 4 hours.

1. Wall Decor with Spiders

We used the orange roll on the window panels with some hand sketched spiders on it. The googly eyes just brought life to these spiders.

We made some more spiders with black paper, cut in circles and with fuzzy sticks as legs. These crawlies were everywhere – hanging in the patio, on the buffet table and some in the garden too!


2. Bat Candy Bags

Halloween means candies and since it was a halloween party, there HAD to a be lot of candy! So just some hand sketched, cut-out and pretty-eyed bats added the halloween touch to the orange candy bags.DSCF3819


3. Ferrero Rocher Spiders

While working on the decor, my friend brought out some chocolates for us to munch on . While we saw yummy calories, our third friend saw spiders! (I still managed to eat one LOL!)DSCF3725

4. Ghost Lollipops

The next morning, the kids wrapped tissues around the lollipops to make some ghosts and they literally did a whole packet of lollipops in 15 minutes!DSCF3738

5. Pumpkin Balloons

And when we were putting up a few orange balloons, my daughter suggested to draw some pumpkin faces on them. An orange balloon and a black marker – BINGO!DSCF3741

I pulled out a Mrs Potato Head shirt I had from my daughter’s Toy Story Birthday and..

TADA!! (I do look like a potato! )


The princess with her personal security

You really don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to bring life to a party! 

What did you do guys do on Halloween this year?



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