My Charlotte Tilbury Makeover Reveal!


Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world!

Yep, that’s Charlotte Tilbury’s tagline and I don’t know about conquering the world, but I certainly felt GREAT when I recently got a makeover from Charlotte Tilbury‘s newly opened store at Doha Festival City.
I was invited to the Charlotte Tilbury store opening by Grazia Qatar, and fell in LOVE with their gorgeous store! I took some pictures of fellow bloggers getting their makeover done. The store, the lighting.. everything was so gorgeous, I knew I had to have a photoshoot done there! (P.S.Even if you don’t use makeup, do visit the store! You will go WOW! And would love some of their products too..if not ALL! A bit on the pricier side though)

Charlotte Tilbury Opening
The Charlotte Tilbury store opening at Doha Festival City

Charlotte Tilbury has a very cool concept,  1 Woman and 10 Makeup Looks and you can buy everything you need for that look, as a complete kit! DSCF7644To be very frank, I had never really used their makeup before. On the store opening day, I received a voucher for a FREE makeover but I really didn’t have any occasion to use that voucher for and hence planned a photoshoot in collaboration with Najla Nabil Photography on my birthday! And that was the BEST decision EVER! (Well ok.. best ever birthday decision! lol!)IMG_9761Why? because it made feel good about myself! I was pleased to see what I saw in the mirror and it was the perfect start to my birthday! I really could have conquered the world that day – only if I wanted to (lol!). On a serious note, I think I need to make this an annual ritual and do this every year on my birthday! Because – Why NOT!DSCF7646After the makeover, I fell in love with the makeup products as well. Charlotte Tilbury has one of the best foundations I have ever used! (and no they are not paying me to say this!). They are very famous for their cream called Magic cream and their lovely Instant Eye Pallete is drool worthy too!DSCF7613The best thing was that their makeup stayed almost the entire day, even their eyeliner on the waterline! That NEVER happens to me! I always end up with Raccoon eyes after a couple of hours! So I am definitely going to buy their eyeliner (no matter what the price is!) because I have tried everything – from drugstore brands to brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Tarte Cosmetics – everything bleeds on my waterline!IMG_9776So let’s get to the makeover…here is the quick overview of the makeover. Btw out of the 10 makeup looks, I chose the Rock Chick (with smoky eyes and nude lips – my favourite combo!)  although the makeup artist kept it a little subtle for daytime.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do apologize for such a self-absorbed kinda post but I can’t pick which photos to choose from! I was spoilt for choices by Najla! (yaay..I have so many profile pictures!)




Love my dad’s ring!

This post may look like I am developing NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) instead of my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Though I can prove me being extremely camera shy (read awkward in front of the camera! I am much happier behind it). Here is a look at how awkward I feel in front of the camera! 🙂321

I  really believe in the power of makeup cause if applied correctly, it can make you look your best and make you feel good about your own self!



Do check out the Charlotte Tilbury store at Doha Festival City next time you are there!

And do check out Najla Nabil Photography for Portraits, Family and Events photography in Doha. She is absolutely brilliant and such a fun person to work with! I cannot recommend her enough! She is infact, one of the very few photographers I feel  comfortable with!

Facebook: @NajlaNabilPhotography

Instagram: @NajlaNabilPhotography

Mobile: 00974-55134681


Until next time!



7 thoughts on “My Charlotte Tilbury Makeover Reveal!

  1. I’ve only got one lipstick and lipline from Charlotte Tilbury for my birthday from my sister but it honestly makes me feel a million bucks! Really want to try more from this brand.

    Love how fresh you look with this makeup Mashallah, I think every year this should be an annual tradition like the roses from your husband!

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  2. ashvez

    You look so very Rock Chick look on you. Love your hair too! Overall you look just splendid! Stay blessed !❤
    Thanks for the peek into C.T
    I visited few days back…couldn’t pick anything as kids were there with me and the minute I enter any make up store..eyes start to roll and they groan. So I have saved it for another day…

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